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  1. It didn't worked for me, but I changed kernel name from the mach_kernel.voodoo to mach_kernel using Terminal, and after booting with "mach_kernel" both: Parralels and Vmware worked for me! Thank you for help.
  2. Hi, I installed Parallels Desktop 4 (the most up to date version) and when I'm trying to boot into my new Virtual Machine I got this message: http://img204.imageshack.us/my.php?image=p1309800ue6.jpg As you can see I'm using Voodoo kernel. It is 10.5.6 version. My CPU is Q6600 and motherboard is ASUS P5Q... Is there a possibility to get Parallels Desktop 4 working fine?
  3. USB problems when upgrading to 10.5.6

    I have the same problem. Any solutions? I used seatbelt.kext from the previous Mac OS 10.5 version, and now USB port works, but very randomly - sometimes it works, when I plug in my external drive before booting system.