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  1. no, no, when you do a search on the xml to Apple's files there are two links for each of the sox files, are they redundancy links?
  2. justmex

    Dell E6320 and Dell XT2

    Wow, thats too complex for me Grrr Right now I just wanna get a macOS HS up and running so i can play around and use the tools in MacOS, using the command prompt after windows !!! etc Anyways, the OS was put on the USB FDD using the enoch r2905 so was hoping to have the vanilla OS to boot from USB and make further changes and boot discs
  3. anyone got HS working on the quadcore of the DV7-6xxx?
  4. Dell E6320 i5-2520M 2.5GHz Dell XT2 tablet C2D 9550U 1.6Ghz BOTH i am using a Fresh macOS 10.13.3 HS on USB stick using Chameleon/Enoch loader How i can i get past the loading screen and loading up the OS? and install the drivers later please, first image is E3230, thanks
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    can u use this tool from leopard VMware? thanks
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    Hi, how do I convert this clover into enoch please, windows user just learning how does enoch fit into this process please? can u explain to a windows person please LOL edit: where did he get the CLOVER folder from?
  7. justmex

    Bootdisk Utility

    this is in the forum and NOT the file section methinks?
  8. justmex

    Bootdisk Utility

    how does it fit into this process please? can u explain to a windows person please LOL edit: where did he get the CLOVER folder from?
  9. I get it you all are a bunch of old foggies with a lot of time, fine ok so go waste other people's time. For some of us, this is a hobby where we go to forums and pick up snippets of information, not get our threads hijacked by smartasses. So no, we dont want to re invent the wheel, when we can improve thee wheel... Seriously, the thread is indicative of a windows person with little to no knowledge of linux or macOS, but where does it say we need a one click solution? we have used windows since Win 95 It s hard enough for experienced people to even get legacy booting correct! And the Chris111 method is in French..... This forum needs a mute or block option.... Kindly, not hijack my threads with useless BS, thanks
  10. is it just me or has the internet de evolved into smart asses? We are on a discussion, A question is asked, if you want to share then share, stop making smart alex remarlks. You are not teaching anyone anything good. We are not here to re invent the wheel. That would be the stupidest thing, especially when computing is so diverse with multiple problems and solutions. jesus, no wonder MacOS is still so obscure
  11. where is this vanilla guide? why dont people just upload that and save us the headaches? Dude, not sure why you guys are making it so hard....These guys cannot do it, i cannot go thru all the vmware stuff !
  12. 1. iam doing this purely from windows 10, mainly for 2nd gen Intel CPU laptops and legacy boot 2. I have bootdisk utility for clover and chameleon, Not sure how to change that to Enoch just yet. 3. I have disk partition for windows and transmac 4. what other tools do i need? 5. Am I right in saying that these mac tools do a automatic detection of your drivers? 6. Laptop parts are know or can be purchased later; where can I find a repository of the supported parts, and their driver files? 7. Secondly, where do i learn where to put them using transmac?
  13. justmex

    Bootdisk Utility

    hi how do i use this with enoch, since you seem to have chameleon as second boot?