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    Humble Opinion

    Very nice article FickleFlame! I agree and disagree. If I get adverted to buy something, lets say Windows or an Apple cause the company advertising says they work great and are the best thing that could happen to me, I think I can complain if something doesnt work. I paid for it. I do so with my car too when it breaks because of a factory problem. In my opinion, its all about beeing a commercial product or not. If I use Linux for example (and I do on my server), I dont complain and I dont feel like I even could. I admire the great effort of all the open source programmers who develop great products for free. If something doesnt work - too bad, it was my choice to work on open source. I will spend my own time fixing it. I didnt pay for a product. Let me post my (very) personal Apple story here (if its intersting for anyone at all): I´m a music producer. I work in a recording studio. 1993, years ago, the studio started out using ProTools on a Mac. First choice, everyone loved it (to be honest I was not there yet cause I´m too young LOL). The system worked with 90MHz. Amazing. Later, in 2000 (when I was working at the studio already), we had to make a decision about getting new Audio workstations. At this time, MACs where way to expensive and not performant enough compared to PCs (At this point I must state that my compliments go to Apple and Digidesign for building a system that we could use for 7 years! Imagine that today...) So we switched to Windows and a PC, running Emagic Logic (which is state of the art for our purposes). Three years later Apple bought the Emagic company in order to make all Logic users switch to Apples. We really got pissed off. I mean we dont talk about $399,- office computers here but rather some $K investments and a company´s basic work units. Now, we need to switch back to Apple, crossgrade all Software and Plugins, buy new Hardware and new DAWs. From Apple beeing a "Pro´s"-company, I would have expected them to think a little further and do less agressive marketing. I would not even complain if they had announced then take over and support the Emagic software for another 5 years, which would be a normal "life"-circle of hardware today. But Logic developement for PCs stopped from one day to the other. Thats why my personal realtionship to Apple is quite broken.
  2. BOOM! Is that it? The missing point here? Pretend this: I go and buy a windows XP licence. I cant run this on a (example) Sun workstation. What if Sun makes a driver / patch package which I can download for free and it enables my legally bought copy of Microsoft Windows to run on a Sun workstation? Could Microsoft do anything? Guess not according to this article. To be honest, I dont like the apple idea. I understand it but I dont like. Oh man, imagine Microsoft had done that. Taking the biggest and best parts of open source (like POSIX), add a shell and sell this as WINDOWS LXE. The world would go crazy instantly and you bet someone would sue them.
  3. I´ve read that all OS-X started out on a Darwin / FreeBSD based source. Now, how are things? In my mind, open source is and stays open source. No? So what about OS-X? Hmmmm, strange thing. Seems like a strange mixture between open source and closed source? what is it? Can someone who really knows about the issue maybe Post some Article here on the Site? Maybe even Sticky or as Article on osx86project.org? To me, it doesnt really make sense to have a feeling of doing "half-illegal" things here. How many open source developers worked on FreeBSD over the years? How come Apple takes the code and sells it? Am I wrong? I´m sure someone will know better than me. I dont really want to start a discussion here, I´m rather interested in the legal facts. Also, I appoligize: I dont really know a lot about OS-X yet, neither Apple. I plan on trying it out anyway within the next couple month. But, I used work as programmer for a long time and love the open source idea. I also run linux, so you know where to put me.
  4. spacerunner75

    Linux Distributions

    Decide what you wanna use your machine for. In my opinion, a binary distribution (like SUSE - brings all you need and is quite esay to install) works great for all Home / Office / Desktop apps. If you build a server, you already know Linux inside-out and better go for a source based distribution. I run a production server with gentoo. Its online since 3 years now. Easy to remote admin because of gentoo´s package system (emerge...). Yeah to be honest, I love gentoo. You can take a look at http://www.gate8.de/daoc/. I must say this Forum is GERMAN only - sorry. But phpBB is a very commonly used Forum Board and browsing a bit there, you get a clue of the speed of the Gentoo server . another good speed example is http://www.tam-recordings.com. Everything looks like plain html, but the entire page is actually generated in real time using a patched mambo (php). For the cracks of you guys: the Frontpage needs ~210 SQL queries (cause of multi-langual/translation support).