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  1. Keys_3429

    Read write on Windows Partition

    Yep - the exFAT is a good solution. All my USB drives are formatted in exFAT. That way it doesn't matter what computer I have access to all my stuff can be read and the device can still be written to. Perfect solution. Although too bad my windows partition came pre-installed with my new PC as it's NTFS. Maybe I need to re-install it someday, but the USB is a good go-between the two.
  2. Where did you get the kexts? I just installed 10.6.8 yesterday but no ethernet. I have this LAN chipset. Thanks
  3. Keys_3429

    HP Pavilion DV6 DSDT Help

    Thanks unlimited76, Camilo_ML and Maldon. Will have a look at your suggestions. Will let you know how I go with it all
  4. Keys_3429

    HP Pavilion DV6 DSDT Help

    Well... here's the one extracted from my HP pavilion DV6... Maybe someone can use it and figure it out dsdt_SLIC_MPC.dsl.txt
  5. Keys_3429

    DSDT editor and patcher

    I'm having all sorts of trouble getting the jar file to run in Windows. When I finally figured it out, the jar file doesn't run. I get a pop up box saying... Could not find the main class: c:\DSDT patcher-Win\DSDT-Auto-patcher.jar. Program will now exit I run it on my os x hack, but run into errors (can't remember what they were now, will have to run it again and take notes) I've attached the extracted file from acpi - someone else may need it also. Its from my HP Pavilion DV6 (see my signature for details) dsdt_SLIC_MPC.dsl.txt
  6. Keys_3429

    HP Pavilion DV6 DSDT Help

    OK, I've managed to extract the DSDT but have been unable to patch it using the auto patcher. Doesn't seem to want to work in windows. I'm just not sure what to do with it now. I'm more than happy to upload the extracted clean DSDT file if anyone else would like it, but I'm way out of my depth here. I got os x 10.6.6 running on my dell vostro 1500, but I didn't have to do anything with the DSDT file for that. I might do some more digging on the net and see if I can find some more pointers
  7. Anyone one lost their keyboard and mouse when updating to 10.6.6? I installed iAtkos 10.6.3 on my Dell Vostro 1500 which ran perfectly well without having to install anything extra. I took my old hard drive out of the laptop and I upgraded it from 120GB to 750GB. The advantage is I can still use it via usb (I have a SATA/IDE to USB adaptor) to boot from in 10.6.3 I've copied over the older kexts for voodoo and applePS2controller and at least I got my keyboard up and running, but no mouse at the moment - I've plugged in a USB mouse which is working fine, but not my ideal setup I'm not sure which kext is responsible for the touchpad. The voodoo drivers I installeded originally caused a kernel panic so I copied the ones from my 10.6.3 Anyone have any ideas?
  8. Keys_3429

    Mac OS X on Vostro 1500

    Seems it doesn't look the Voodoo driver. I had the same problem with OS 10.5 Its the sound driver, just leave it out and install it later using the sigmatel driver I now use iAtkos 10.6.3 which was flawless on the Dell Vostro 1500 (using it now) and sound works right out of the box. You just need to leave RTC uncheck for both (will give kernal panic if you use either of them) I've just updated to 10.6.6, but have lost PS2 support at the moment. Am using USB mouse and keyboard until I can find some time sort it out. Sound working well too. Use voodoo for sound and keyboard/mouse in setup You don't need any EFI strings for your video -works with the Nvidia enabler. Oh, and don't bother with wireless - there's no driver for it so it wont work. That's been the only major problem with the Vostro and Mac OS X. You can use the 440x broad com driver though, but it only works with 1024MB DMA (easy to fix) If you need any help let me know (I don't use the forums much anymore since my system is working) email me at keys (at) darrylmiller.net Good luck!
  9. Keys_3429

    OSX86 doesn't find my mouse/keyboard?

    I have the exact same problem - every text box is filling up with 7's!!!! I figure it's the PS2 drivers, but since I can't boot osx and enter my password I can't remove the drivers. Now my OSx install wont boot - I keep getting panic errors! Arrgghh!