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  1. I own y510p and it's sitting idle under my desk and I figured I'd give a hackintosh a try. Is the first post up to date? Should I look for other posts within the thread for help? I'm sure there's a lot of information hidden away here in this thread. Does y510p even work with latest MacOSX High Sierra 10.13.2?
  2. I see that activity died on this topic. Did anyone try to make it work with the newest MacOS HS 10.13.2 yet?
  3. Yeah, I've seen it when I've mounted the vmdk to the system using nbd kernel module. Yes, multiple times. All the time just pure black screen is visible. There was only provided by you macOS.vmdk attached to it, no optical drives. Nope, not like UEFI shell, just completely black screen. Latest version available right now so I think 5.2.2. I'll give it a try with UEFI shell. Thanks for all the help and time taken to write it. If anything, I'm sitting now every day on IRC, if by any chance you're using it. We might chat there, find a solution and post it here afterwards. EDIT: I've just tried UEFI shell, it works but for some reason it erases command I type in random fashion. Like I start typing something and then the cursor gets moved to the beginning of the line and I'm inserting text over. Tried putting in commands until I finally managed changing directory to the one with boot.efi file and run it from there. It worked and now I'm installing macOS. I'm really puzzled why UEFI shell behaves like this. EDIT#2: Installed, configured. Can run it without problems. Usual stuff not work like audio is distorted and what not.
  4. Hey, So I've been following many guides around here but I don't understand how to prepare MacOS.vmdk like you did. What's on it? I'd like to make one like this myself. Also, I'd like to thank all of you for the excellent job done around here. All InanelyMac users. EDIT: I've just followed above tutorial for HighSierra from scratch and gone as far as doing the accepting the agreement and then turning off on MACH Reboot message. I've unmounted the BaseSystem.vmdk, started machine again and all I get is black screen. Been hanging like that for few minutes right now, with no feedback at all. What could have possibly gone wrong? Cheers, Furai