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  1. zzmadd

    VoodooHDA 2.9.2

    I'm using VoodooHDA 2.9.2 on a Realtek ALC662 chip. I have loads of HDMI ports, 6 in total. is there a way to remove the one not needed? I also have a SPDIF output but the system doesn't have one. Can it be removed? Also, I have 2 analog inputs and 1 output. The 1 output is the green plug in the back of the motherboard panel. This works ok. Both the front HDAudio and rear blue plug are missing from the menu. Can they be added? If I listen to audio selecting the green rear port the front HDAudio plug sounds really bad with intermittent sound. Can't be used. Thanks for your help.
  2. Thanks for your reply. That's the Jingsha board but there's an identical board sold by Kllisre: https://it.aliexpress.com/item/4000552611991.html?spm=a2g0y.12010612.8148356.16.725d71d8pYeINj I was able to run this board. I'm really happy about it. Just sleep doesn't work at all. Turbo is unlocked. https://it.aliexpress.com/item/4000741824519.html?spm=a2g0y.12010612.8148356.18.725d71d8pYeINj E5 2620 V3 - Cinebench R15: 960 Any advice?
  3. zzmadd

    AppleALC — dynamic AppleHDA patching

    Hi, I have a chinese motherboard with chipset X99. This board has the Realtek codec ALC662. I'm unable to make this work by adding Lilu and AppleALC kexts. Layout tested 1, 2, 3, 5 Is there anything I can do to make it work? Thanks a lot!
  4. zzmadd

    VoodooHDA 2.9.2

    Hi, I'm using VoodooHDA on a Realtek ALC662 chip. I have loads of HDMI ports, 6 in total. is there a way to remove the one that are not present in the system's graphics card? Also, the sound is not as sharp as with AppleHDA. Also, the sound is not as loud as with AppleHDA even though I upped the gain. Are there fixes? Thanks a lot.
  5. Hi, any advice for running Intel Xeon E5 2600 family - Haswell on chinese motherboard? Should I just use the latest patches as presented by nmano according to CPU generation, platform and OS? Thanks a lot.
  6. Hi, I'm trying to understand which motherboard you used. YOu say: "SZMZ X99-8D3". I couldn't find a specific model. Would a Huananzhi board like this one work? https://it.aliexpress.com/item/4000197657606.html?spm=a2g0s.8937460.0.0.601f2e0eTQBoze Thanks.
  7. Ehy did you find a way to use the G3930 with the B250 motherboard? All I've tried didn't work for me.
  8. I have a Celeron G3930 and an Asus Prime B250M-A BUT your EFI doesn't work and none of the many other I tried work as well including my EFI. Where's the secret of making it work?
  9. But that board has HDMI 1.4b. 2560x1440 @60Hz is still within HDMI 1.4.
  10. MaLd0n, how do you get acceleration on 10.13.6 17G2208 with GByte B360 mobo and i3-8100 On 10.13.6 17G65 all good and well with Device/Properties 59120000 and latest WhateverGreen. BUT on 17G2208 both with or without Device/Properties (see attachment) I get 7MB Video memory and no acceleration. Also HDMI audio is gone in 17G2208. Thanks
  11. zzmadd

    Hackintool v3.x.x

    Could you post some more guides please? Like for example how to handle Coffee Lake i3-8100, H370 B360 H310 motherboard framebuffer issues...? Thanks
  12. I'm learning how this work, I need a little help to understand. I'm on a i3-8100 Gigabyte B360 high Sierra 10.13.6 17G65 - I ditched all the kext injections patches as suggested all good BUT - I still need AAPL,ig-platform-id TO BE SET to 00001259 and device-id 12590000 to have hardware acceleration and within this I still need 3 infamous KextToPatch entries to modify the framebuffer and make work this type of motherboard. Anyone any comment? Thanks
  13. With the release of WhateverGreen 1.2.1 and Lilu 1.2.6 I have experienced a strange behave on one of my setups: After updating the two drivers my Monitor a MSI 2560x1440 27" screen capable of 144Hz (only able to select up to 60Hz) Curved display was NO LONGER recognised as a 2560 pixels monitor and in the System Preferences under Monitor I could only select up to 1920x1080. Reverting back to the previous version of both WhateverGreen 1.2.0 and Lilu 1.2.5 corrected the problem and the monitor is now seen as a 2560 screen. Is there a reason for this? Thanks
  14. Hi Master, I'm struggling at properly running a Gigabyte B360N with Intel i3-8100 using iGPU I've set the Bios, created the Installer, Installed the system and up to here all good. Then I have these issues: - iGPU works but not acceleration. I have ig-platform-id se to 0x59120000. Under IntelGFX 0x3E928086. I have installed FakePCIID.kext and FakePCIID_Intel_HD_Graphics.kext but also tried without those but still iGPU acceleration doesn't work. I get Intel UHD Graphics 630 7 MB and some artifacts. - Audio device is missing and it is Realtek ALC887. I added the KextToPatch suggested by Toleda com.apple.driver.AppleHDAController Find 3D70A1 Replace 3D48A3 but still Audio device is not seen - Sleep has issues - Ethernet is fine I added a Run me Send me.zip