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  1. these kexts dont work with the new update 10.5.6.... well you dont get QE. Please help i have ati x1600 71c2 pci-e. It use to work with 10.5.1 and .2. but not with 10.5.6. i get no QE!!!! please, is thier any solution...i am losing hope .
  2. I need help!

    kalyway installed, wont boot without dvd in tray. 10.5.1 i have no idea what to do i googled it and i found a similar post but i have no clue what they are talking about. please help
  3. Quick Question

    hey, i was wondering if there is a way to play the leopard intro movie at startup every time you logon......everything in my pc or mac i should say is working perfect i was wondering if this possible. Anything would be helpful, thanks.
  4. help hp amd problem!

    WOW 26 views and no reply.................nothing at all
  5. I booted into the zeth install dvd but i cant see any hd at all. i have a hp laptop amd turion 64 and my hd is sata with nforce 560. i know how to insert kext's to the install dvd so please if there any kext's that can help me please do tell.I need help
  6. soooo..............i guess there isnt a kext out there that can help us with our situation