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  1. Easy Install Guide For A Dell Inspiron 1501

    Shure Castello :http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?act=attach&type=post&id=33072 AppleHDAPATCHER: http://www.mediafire.com/?xpijo2m4pxm http://www.mediafire.com/?jint7yhzgzh http://rs177.rapidshare.com/files/49615374...Family.kext.zip Links Still Not Working? Try A different internet browser Or if you PM your Email to me i will re-email the links to you
  2. Easy Install Guide For A Dell Inspiron 1501

    Umm i dont think that is for our computer. I find it a mericole that we can even get this on our macs, i mean dells to begin with. If u and i want to set up another post to try, shure.
  3. Easy Install Guide For A Dell Inspiron 1501

    Thank you all for your comments and replies. I am very very honered that every one has done what they have done and how much you all liked my guide I am here to also say I GITS A MACBOOK NOW TOO WOOT! ANd also last night i found that you may actually use the VGA port on your dell. But what you must do is set the res. to 1024 X 768 and the refresh rate higest allowed to that TV/moniter. Also you must hold Fn and F8 down till so it sets it so that the externial display is working and the laptop display is black also the display on the TV looks best at 85 hertz or elese it is all shaded green Note: this is a very delicate process if your screen goes black and you see nothing on the TV too then just restart your hackintosh mobile
  4. Easy Install Guide For A Dell Inspiron 1501

    ok so to replace ioatafamialy.kext u must go to system/library/and drag the ioatafamialy.kext to it it will say something but hit authenticate and then it will say this file already exists, click replace and let it do that then repair disk permissions and turn the vm off shut off your computer and boot with -f !!!!!!!!!
  5. kernal flags editing

    hi i know this is a relly noobish question but how do i add -f to my kernal flags i need it to boot and am sick of typing it in at startup i knowhow to add a string to com.apple.boot.plist but i dont know how to proparly add -f sould i have it with -legacy and should it be before or after idlehault=0 plz help
  6. Easy Install Guide For A Dell Inspiron 1501

    is anyone even instrested??????? if so plz comment or if u like my guide or are having trouble
  7. Hello--this is a guide on how to install Mac OS X on a Dell Inspiron 1501. What you need is : 1. A Dell Inspiron 1501 2. 1 DVD-R (not RW) (burn leo4allv2 onto this with nero rom burner) 3. 1 DVD-RW 4. A working Windows XP install disk (you can install vista later in boot camp but you do need XP for this) 5. A leo4allv2 disk (you may use any torrent iso but this is the only one I got to work) 6. Vmware workstation install (save it to your desktop) 7. Vmware player (if you didn't buy vmware workstation) (Note: before installing windows turn your BIOS setting in the Advanced tab to Disabled, Enabled, Enabled, Enabled, Enabled, and the rest Disabled or Mac OS X WILL NOT work.) 1. Install Windows XP with a big partition for Mac OS X and a 20 to 25 Gb Windows partition 2. Install network drivers 3. Download, SAVE, and install vmware workstation 4. Make a vm with the settings of other, other with as much ram as possible--use physical drive and individual partitions (the one without windows), and name the vm anything you like. 5. Uninstall vmware workstation and download, SAVE, and install vmware player 6. Turn off your computer 7. Turn it on and boot from cd 8. When prompted press F8 for advanced startup options and type -f 9. Installer should boot 10. Choose English 11. Choose utilities and disk utility. 12. Choose your Mac OS X partition, click the tab, and name it anything you want and format it as hfs plus (AKA Mac OS X (Journeled)) and click format. 13. Quit disk utility 14. Hit continue and I agree 15. Click on the only partition shown and click continue 16. Click on customize 17. Use all defaults except check off AMD system fix and Time Machine fix 18. Click ok and start the installer (Note: you can not leave this alone, you must be near your machine because it will idle halt, which means it will stall and not continue installing until there is user input). Once it is done restart by pressing restart (it will prompt you) 19. Put in your XP setup cd and let it load. When it asks you to press ente r, r or something to exit, press r to enter recovery console. Type bootcfg /REBUILD and type Media Center 2005 for both. 20. After that type quit it will restart 21. Take your XP cd out of your drive 22. When prompted press F8 for advanced startup options, pick windows ntfs and hit enter. Pick the option media center 2005 and XP will boot from there. Open vmware player and open the vm you made earlier. Wait for the count down—Mac OS X will start to boot 23. Once Mac OS X is done booting setup your Mac (Note: DO NOT send the registration) 24. After that minimize your vm and download emozs made for Inspiron 1501 kext from here http://rs177.rapidshare.com/files/49615374...Family.kext.zip . Burn it on the DVD-RW (I forgot to mention that you could use a cd for this too ) 25. We burnt it to a disk so you could retrieve it on the OS X side, so open up the cd or dvd in OS X (if it is not there restart your vm). Drag the IOATAFamialy.zip.kext to the desktop. 26. Click on it, and Mac OS X will unzip it for you 27. Go to /system/library/extensions. Drag the IOATAFamialy.kext into the folder. A window will pop up -- hit authenticate. A window will pop up asking you for your password-- type it in 28. Once it has finished, try to repair disk permissions if it’s taking too long and not moving (remember the idlehault?) Just hold the power button and boot in to Mac OS X natively (you just need to type -f ). It will not be slow like it did in the vm--it goes blazing fast. (and I don’t even have a full GB of ram) Enhancements (recommended) Now for better resolution, use castello. Download the kexts here: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?act...st&id=24814 and in applications use kext b7 helper (or something like that) and it will install the kexts for you (just not IOATAFamily.kext). You just drag and drop, type your administrator password on the bottom of the window, and click easy install. Now to get rid of the annoying idlehalt (YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY) Open (click on your hard drive icon) library/preferences/systemconfiguration . Click com.apple.boot.plist and below kernal flags (hit enter to make a new line), copy and paste this: <string>idlehalt=0</string> . It will stop the annoying idlehalt and in a moment when I tell you how to install audio your sound won't be choppy because you did this (it also gives you the apple boot screen). Download the AppleHDA Patcher 1.20 from here: http://www.mediafire.com/?xpijo2m4pxm Download the TXT sound dump from here: http://www.mediafire.com/?jint7yhzgzh Drag and drop the txt onto the AppleHDA Patcher 1.20 icon. DO NOT OPEN THE PATCHER. It will prompt for password--type it in. Reboot. Just remember, boot with –f. You now have a perfect hackintosh!!!! EDIT lord badar gets credit too for revising my crappy spelling and gets 50% credit for this so bravo lord badr bravo
  8. Hi Every Dell Inspirons Device Id Number is 0x24CBC6AB
  9. Hi i wanted to know if anybody to help me with a project. My idea is that we could make a iso file base off of leo4allv2. We could inject the special and coustome kexts we need and fix the idle error so you could install it unattended,fix the chopy sound problem and have the propor reselatation and if were lucky find a way to put QE on it too.(i already know how to fix the sound error)You can fix the sound by adding the sound dump and to get rid of the choppyness,fix the idle error (we'de inject those edited kexts alon with the video) SO if you want to help just post !!!!!!!!!!!!!! EDIT PLZZZ Post I need to know if you guys are instrested
  10. hi i have dell inspiron 1501 and just want os x on it. i have the iso file and it is a leo4allv2 (CAUSE THAT THE ONLY ISO FILE THAT WILL WORK WITH THIS INSPIRON) I can get the install to boot it worked once and when i went to install it in litarly on sec, i got a error message say could not install plz try again.i have been trying to do this for 2 months and i rely need some help