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  1. Thanks, i uploaded your EFI folder to the usb stick, but when i boot from the usb stick i see the clover menu but there is no disk at all (even the usb stick isn't showing). Am i doing something wrong? And i think the terminal.txt and asrock_efi_settings_os_x.BIN is for after the installation? Thanks
  2. I tried your AptioMemoryFix.efi but now i see the same without the ++++ signs. I think you mean to update clover to its latest version? 4380?
  3. Thanks, i tried this one. Now it doesn't show the error message but i see this: AptioMemoryFix(R7): Starting \.IABootFiles\boot.efi Hibernate wake: no +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ But it stays there for minutes now
  4. Thanks, i installed a blank High Sierra installer USB stick, installed Clover (4369) and updated the EFI/CLOVER folder with your CLOVER.zip, but i get the same ("Slide xxx on xxx cannot be used") list as i got once at my other build. I reflashed the BIOS to the latest version, disabled VT-D and CFG Lock but no difference. After the list of all the slides i get "0/256 slides are able to ..., and after that i get a "Does printf work?? I am still using the GTX 970. Can this be the GPU that causes the problem? Do i have to switch to the GT 720 or is this non gpu related? Thanks again for the help
  5. Sorry, i meant Broadwell-E
  6. Hello, I have installed High Sierra on 1 of my pc's and it is working like a charm (x299 - 7820x). Now i would also like to install it on another pc with the following specs: MOBO: MSI Godlike Gaming X99a CPU: I7 - 6800K GPU: Gigabyte GTX 970 (GT 720 2GB for installation) RAM: 32GB 2800mhz SSD: Samsung 960 EVO I searched online but i can't find that much info. Since it is Broadwell-E i saw some topics explaining that this is not supported by Mac OS, but other Broadwell-E cpu's seem to have installed mac OS. Is this poosible? What settings do i need to use? MBIOS version etc.? Thanks in advance!
  7. Thank you, so far so good! I updated motherboard and High Sierra and Final Cut pro seems to work. I am now rendering a 4K movie 50 minutes and I didn't get any shutdown or restart. When I need to I will try to set the score to a fixed value. I also need to fix the ram. It is still displaying 2133mhz while I set it to 2800 in bios. Thanks for all your help!
  8. Thanks, both? Mobo version and High Sierra? And can I update mobo via usb M-Flash without any addition changes? High Sierra via App Store?
  9. Thanks, I reinstalled everything and now I am able to use Mac OS 10.13.2 (17C88) with my GTX 1080ti. I am still using my MOBO driver 15 while there has been an update to 17. Everything seems to work except when I use Final Cut Pro. After 1 or 2 minutes the pc reboots. I am still not sure if this only happens in Final Cut Pro or other heavy load programs but I would like to fix this. Should I update (can this fix the problem) or is it better to stay in this version (Mac OS and Mobo). Can I check why the computer restarts? I only installed an audio driver and Nvidia driver and both seem to work Thanks
  10. Thanks UcaUca, I tried this but it still doesn't boot. I am going to try the same thing again but then copy my whole EFI folder over from my USB stick to the SSD, maybe that will work again. Otherwise i'll have to install everything again.
  11. Thank you, i found my apfs.efi in my installer, but i need to reinstall MacOS? I can't update the apfs.efi when i can't boot into mac right?
  12. Okay, i tried what you said with the disabeling Nvidia web driver and set nv_disable=1, but i keep getting the same error message.
  13. but i need to start Mac OS to see that. How do i do that without be able to start Mac Os again Sorry that i ask a lot of questions, i'm really new to this
  14. My High Sierra version is 10.13.2 My SMBios version is 18,3
  15. Thanks, It seemed to work, the only problem i have is that it won't boot anymore after NVidia with the GTX 1080 ti. The steps i did: Install the Web drivers. Reboot without making them the default. Edit config.plist and activate the NVIDIA Web drivers. Use the NVIDIA Preference Pane to use the NVIDIA drivers. Reboot. The error i get: fs_get_inode_with_hint:7825: failed to load inode 699665 ret 22