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  1. XP on Mac benchmarks

    Now that is official... Are the speeds the same as same spec windows machines?
  2. Emulation? Are we not talking of something Which Is Not an Emulator. I am getting confused... in other words: Doesn't darwine make direct use of the intel chip's resources, rather than emulating? Sure, there must be a certain amount of 'translation' causing some sort of speed drop, but surely not nearly as much as virtualPC et al.? or: What would be the difference between something like virtualPC, Q, and WINE?
  3. Am I wrong or isn't Q an emulator, hence speed drops?... WINE Is Not an Emulator, though, and as such, all apps should run at their native speeds (if they run)... Am I mistaken? Hearing that Photoshop 6 works under darwine is great news! Hoping for the best!
  4. excuse my ignorance, but what kind of apps are we talking about... only less memory/graphic intensive ones like text editors, word, small games or will real graphic intensive ones also run? (i am especially interested in rhino, autoCAD, and the like) thanks!
  5. Will graphic intensive apps such as Rhino, 3D-max etc. and other non-Mac but standard apps such as AutoCAD stand a chance under WINE and MacIntels? Thanks!