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  1. From the beginning - the install

    You made a fat32 partition for macosx? If so, did you made this as a primary or logical partition?
  2. 9A466 App Compatibility

    Any app written in realbasic doesn't work, so does realbasic itself. UT2004 seems to be working like it should when running in root mode (sudo).
  3. New JaS DVD

    Rofl, using another torrent client will not let you get this file any faster. Had some high speeds as well with azureus. As long as the s/l ratio is not 1:1, you will get stuck at a certain point, no matter what client you use. So stop the torrent trash talk.
  4. I finally upgraded from 10.4.1 to 10.4.3 and it works fine till now. But I have a problem with system preferences when choosing a picture for your account. When you want to select a picture file or drag one in the picture field, it crashes. When launching it from the terminal it says this on crash: terminate called after throwing an instance of 'std::runtime_error' what(): aglCreateContext failed Abort trap logout Does anyone know what this means?
  5. Which patch for SSE 3 enabled cpu?

    EDIT: Removed content violating DMCA
  6. Which patch for SSE 3 enabled cpu?
  7. Is it worth the update.

    I am still running the first dev release, is updating to 10.4.3 a must? It now runs smooth as hell.
  8. still waiting for root device

    got same problem so plz help.
  9. Still waiting.....

    in addition i get: SAM Multimedia: READ or WRITE failed, ASC = 0x24, ASCQ = 0x00 What does this mean??
  10. Still waiting.....

    how does this help me?
  11. Still waiting.....

    oke i'll try but now seriously even now the installer disk should boot further than this, shouldn't it? I've got sse3 so that's no problem.
  12. Still waiting.....

    im still waiting for root divice....
  13. is this the maklar version???
  14. Still waiting.....

    doesn't work