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  1. Hey OnePlane, Awesome stuff, iv been following this thread since the start of the year hoping someone would come up with a good straight forward guide or solution, to running OSX baremetal with windows or linux easily. Currently, I can run OSX in vmware on windows and put it fullscreen on one of my monitors and it runs pretty good. Performance is fine and functionality is good. But, if I can get it running on the bare metal I think I would use it more. Everywhere I look people say that there are tricks required in installing OSX on Xen. Do you know if there are, or what they are, and is there anything new with Lion. Can you boot a VMDK or other virtual machine drive in XEN? coz iv got those created already and that would be a simple solution. Also, is there any reason NOT to use Citrix's Xen, compared with the open source project? Is it bad in anyway other than the generic "citrix gayness"?
  2. VMWARE Workstation 8 Just got released http://www.vmware.com/products/workstation/new.html I have downloaded it. Any chance you could release your patch for it, as I use my OSX Lion VM every day and am keen to try out VMWARE workstation 8. Apparently it runs Win8 dev preview unlike 7.1. Thanks a million, you are an extremely awesome champion for creating this. My i7 with 16GB of ram runs Lion in VMWare pretty damn well, and it means I can keep using Windows for everything else. BTW does anyone know if doing Unity from say Fusion VMware Tools would be possible? Or also if multiple monitors works now for OSX in Workstation 8? Keen to find out! Thanks again. Samurai
  3. Follow the guide I just wrote on using VMware for iPhone Development Get the Drivers listed on my page. http://www.kintek.com.au/web-design-blog/d...eopard-on-a-pc/
  4. Love your work! this is so awesome. I decided to write a quick blog post about using this or tonymac to setup a machine for doing iPhone Development. I cant start my own thread but if someone could move this to a new thread for me that would be awesome! As of this morning 10.6.5 update works perfectly on VMware OSX Guests. For anyone who wants to know how to get OSX working in VMWare Workstation on Windows 7 for iPhone Development I have made a blog post about it on our site. How to use VMware for iPhone Development http://www.kintek.com.au/web-design-blog/d...eopard-on-a-pc/
  5. Right, so is it possible in VMWare Fusion on Mac with a guest OSX vm? You would think its not a far stretch to Workstation unity after that.
  6. Hi All, I have got myself a 10.6.4 Snow Kitty VM running on Vmware Workstation 7.1. I really wish I could use unity, but im under the impression this isnt possible yet?? I tried the Darwin 3.1beta VMware tools, but I just get the error, this Guest OS isnt supported and the resolution cant be changed. Does anyone know anything about using Unity on a Mac OSX Guest VM running in Workstation? It would be super sweeeetah! Looking forwards to your responses. Cheers, Samurai