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  1. My native MacPro 5.1 with a 1050TI doesn't respond even after i use the uninstall function in the NVidia prefpane. And what happend next will choke you (hihihi)....it doesn't work. It even doesn't work after a reinstall of the 387.10.10.1040.105 . I need to go back in time with a Timemachine-Backup to get my smooth running system back. I use a regular NVidia to boot into a functional, but old system. After the systems awakening i use apples Bonjour Desktopsharing with my laptop to check the "Use Webdriver" instead of the casual one.
  2. Btw: Even after the current update of AfterEffects, MediaEncoder and Premiere inclusive the ...40.105 driver update still no CUDA Rendering on my MacPro with Nvidia 1050 TI.
  3. New Driver (387. (build 17F77) on updated MacOS 10.13.5 on a native MacPro 5.1. Still no hardware (CUDA, Metal....) acceleration in Adobe Premiere or Mediaencoder. Installation like always: smooth. But also as ever, i need to use an old native Nvidia grafic adapter to boot up. Thats because there is a requester from Apple after the sstem update installation who did not respond to keyboard commands, only mouse. Not easy to hit the right spot it on three big and blank screens. ;-) I don't understand why apple didn't include a small compatibility mode version of a pascal driver. Regardless of the partnership with AMD or something else. Just a starter paket to 'see' something. Anyway, system is up and running
  4. Cuda isn't working on my native Apple MacPro 5.1 with Adobe and a NVidia 1050 (Premiere, Media Converter) too. With the latest NVidia Webdriver ( .... 30.107) and Cuda (387.178) i can select Cuda, and others hardware related setting in the main prefs, but when i start the recoding or export everything is grayed out. I will wait till i can make a clean install of MacOS 10.13.5 when it's out. I hope that new drivers or the new clean setup will solve this behaviour.
  5. Hahaha, i followed your advise and after i did all the steps the final reboot has to come. MacOs starts up with the news of NVidia that there is a new webdriver to solve the problem just by updating the driver. Hehe, thanks. Now i am prepared to solve the next problem of build numbers a hour earlier.... or i just wait... Thanks to the programmer from NVidia for there quick response. If they read that stuff i would like to mention the "why". Could you just release a webdriver with more flexible compatibility? Anyway, ma system is up and running. Thanks
  6. Hi, my first post here after being a long time lurker and english is not my native language, so be kind :-) I use a MacPro and a NVidia GTX 1050 and installed the comboupdate. I have a backup of a "normal" update system i can use, but i would like to use the combo build. I tried to edit the systemversion.plist but it doesn't work. I guess it's about file permission i could not set back to root after edit the file. File permission check is'nt availeble. I guess it's because of the APFS format of my SSD. Is there a way to edit the webdriver to accept the Build number (17C89)? Thanks in advanced