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  1. Just try it and tell us. I do not have this hardware.. Patches from this post - http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/327488-macos-high-sierra-final-release-is-out-17a365/?p=2505086
  2. Fix for ICH10 with High Sierra. Now with hot-plug support. For this we need two binary patches. First patch fix I/O error for ICH10: 4585F60F 95C289C8 83E0FE66 85C9780F 84D2750B -> 89C883E0 FE6685C9 0F98C141 08CC9090 9090750B With second patch will work hot-plug: 89C82540 6002003D 40200000 750C81E1 BF7FFFFF 898B5101 0000 -> 90909090 90909090 90909090 90909090 90909090 90909090 9090 With these two patches I got ICH10 with hot-plug. Good luck
  3. What about 7-series and asmedia? Did it work with the 328 version? Have you tried them with the patch? Yes, hot-plug is working. No, it does not work .. I need to think .. Everything works finally
  4. v.1.1 64-bit: https://cloud.mail.ru/public/KZWQ/aEntGMFxV which kind of problems have 7-series? I do not have this but I can try it
  5. Fix for ICH10 with High Sierra. I made the binary patch for AppleAHCIPort.kext allowing new kext to work correctly with ICH10 Sata controllers. Here is: 4585F60F 95C289C8 83E0FE66 85C9780F 84D2750B -> 89C883E0 FE6685C9 0F98C141 08CC9090 9090750B It can be used with any bootloader who can patch kexts on the fly. Or manually change it in any hex editor or command line. This is how it looks with bootloader: And here is the result: Good luck!
  6. Hi. At the moment, I do it with the help of bootloader and legacy kext. I attach patched kext with whom tested it. Sorry for the late reply, and my english. https://cloud.mail.ru/public/2ietrQiMdpcA/AppleBCM5701Ethernet.kext.zip
  7. my five cents... for 10.11 I had to patch in one place BCM5701Enet::getAdapterInfo(): offset 71db: E85EA6FFFF -> B884160000 its for my nic 14e4:167b (replace with devid 1684 - suitable device id found brute force)
  8. it’s the stage at which IOGraphicsFamily kext makes the boot screen between 2nd and 3rd stages many people have a screen flashing on hackintosh
  9. I don't use video bios patching, but have this issues on all my machines with nvidia's discrete cards. without injection @0,AAPL,boot-display i have lost 3rd stage's apple boot logo.
  10. you are using no modified file boot.efi? I had similar problems when using the modified boot.efi
  11. I'm glad to help. welcome! P.S.: apianti don't made play with BackgroundClear, but it easy and will be made in the future, I hope
  12. also i found if we set nvram variable BackgroundClear to 0 then we have grey boot progress bar and black theme 2 stage boot process. if we don't set BackgroundClear then progress bar will be black and 2 stage from grey theme. so i did it in bareBoot (my boot loader) and users have ability choose theme for boot process. its work for me if (gSettings.YoBlack) { Status = gRS->SetVariable ( L"BackgroundClear", &gEfiAppleNvramGuid, EFI_VARIABLE_BOOTSERVICE_ACCESS | EFI_VARIABLE_RUNTIME_ACCESS, sizeof (BackgroundClear), &BackgroundClear ); }
  13. we may test board id and make choose based on this things
  14. yes, it should not be difficult like this: EFI_FILE *RootThemeDir = NULL; SelfRootDir->Open(SelfRootDir, &RootThemeDir, L"EFI\\CLOVER\\themes", EFI_FILE_MODE_READ, 0); EG_IMAGE *Logo = egLoadImage(RootThemeDir, L"appleLogo_apple_white.png", TRUE);