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  1. salut ! tient je vois que mon installeur est utile ! un p'tit crédit c'est tjrs kool ! nan? j'ai initialement créé cet installeur pour zef et kabyl un ptit credit pour mon instru , mon script , et la base de mon installeur je pense pas que c'est trop demandé ...ha ha on est censé partager pas s'approprier ! a part ca c'est kool ! utilises le travail des autres si tu veux mais crédites les au moins . bon j'arrete de faire le relou vive chameleon team , dfe , et kasnet
  2. HBS Mac OS X 10.4.10

    you should use another disc as based ! this one have been completly repack !! and please respect my work !!! this distrib was my first try ! and respect that or madvillain will kill you!!! ha ha and you ? are you stupid?
  3. Remix Challenge

    yeah ! fresh track ! old school
  4. 10.5.4 release for MSI Wind

    original msiwind osx86 maker ! http://forums.msiwind.net/mac-f32/first-po...-wind-t857.html so the demonoid version seem to be a fake ! the real msiwind is on pirate bay
  5. 10.5.4 release for MSI Wind

    this not my release !!!!!!!!! who have post this ?
  6. Modified boot-132 Bootloader

    for boot from your hd read the first post on this topic i've make a modified chameleon package ! so give it a try !
  7. hello ! in extra contents folder you should put your Extensions folder from cdboot/initrd/extra/ !!! or the mkext files directly in xtra contents ! haudio and video are not include in the pkg ! and the reboot issue disapear for me when i update to 10.5.4 ! for package didn't get hpet don't know really ! use disabler instead of cpupmdisabler ! and perhaps you have issue 'cause you still have your patched kexts in your osx extensions folder ? ! work like a charm for me 10.5.2 to 10.5.4 ! haven't test jmicrom and ahci mode ! yo, see ya later ! peace !
  8. hello all just a little pkg for you ! Download link : Chameleon_DFE_for_Hard_Disk.zip 1 - Copy the contents of your "Extra" folder to "Extra Contents" directory link !!! 2- then run Chameleon_DFE_for_Hard_Disk.pkg and install it to your hard disk !!! your are done ! now no need to use dfe 132 cd to boot your hd !! enjoy!! by kalyway !
  9. All The Different Releases

    hey ! no GUI customizations at all in my last 10.5.2 !!
  10. Kalyway 10.5.2 DVD Intel Amd

    this the real checksum for Kalyway_10.5.2_DVD_Intel_Amd.iso i've upload first!!!! SHA-1 d48c058c8f2e61a636556fc3152208a35a96150d MD5 e03af401cc9e0baab1401199170ddf99
  11. ALL 9.2 and 9.2.2 kernels ! system kext and dsmos include ! easy installer !!! ****link deleted****
  12. you can download these kernels on irc #kalyway.DVD 10.5.2 kernel installer ! kernel_9.2_sleep kernel_9.2_speedstep kernel_9.2.2_kabyl have 64 bit support on intel !!! ALL 9.2 and 9.2.2 kernels ! system kext and dsmos include ! easy installer !!! on #kalyway.DVD irc.osx86.hu
  13. Kalyway 10.5.2 DVD Intel_Amd (sse2/sse3) EFI V8 DONATE ( contribute to osx86 developpement ) you can find HELP on: #kalyway.DVD irc.osx86.hu #leopard irc.osx86.hu DONATION at DONATE for this DVD !!! checksum for Kalyway_10.5.2_DVD_Intel_Amd.iso SHA-1 d48c058c8f2e61a636556fc3152208a35a96150d MD5 e03af401cc9e0baab1401199170ddf99 Read carefully !!! if you want adding drivers support to dvd boot you must put the Kalyway_10.5.2_DVD_Intel_Amd folder on your desktop then put kexts you want add to dvd extensions in the ADD_KEXT_TO_DVD folder (you can find natit for ati hd in this folder) and run Add_kext_to_dvd_boot.command !!! all ich support ! sitll remain problem with jmicron ide dvd support ! based on slipstream script by DENSE ! ichx (all ports) support by DUNE ! Notes: if you have problems on reboot with video gfx (blue or black screen) All you have to do is just press F8 at Darwin's prompt and then type -s (single user mode) then at root type mount -uw / and /movevideodrivers then it will be prompt to move video drivers by class ( nvidia ; ati ; or intel gma) voila! type yes to confirm or enter to skip ! Even if you have chosen a kernel at install, you can still try the others kernels after installation ! (same thing for dvd boot except that only modbinkernel , speedstepkernel , kabylkernel and nforcekernel are available as boot options !) All you have to do is just press F8 at Darwin's prompt and then type the kernel's name you want to boot with : sleepkernel (intel/amd/sse2/sse3) speedstepkernel (intel/amd/sse2/sse3) nforcekernel (intel/sse3) modbinkernel (intel/amd/sse3) vanillakernel (intel/sse3) kabylkernel (intel/sse3) with sleep support Kernels kernel_9.2_sleep kernel_9.2_speedstep kernel_9.2.2_kabyl kernel_922_modbin kernel_92_nforce kernel_vanilla_922 Graphics_Drivers Ati_Radeon X1000Series ATYinject for 19xx series NATIT_For_X1000_series ATIRadeonX1000SeriesGraphics 1950gt_pro X2000_HD_and_X3000_HD_Series NATIT_For_X2000_X3000_Series HD2900xt_pro white_menus_fixe_HD2600_pro white_menus_fixe_HD3850_3870x2 ATI_Radeon_HD_2600_Pro_AGP (this one no need for natit and white menufix) ATI_Radeon_HD_2600_XT_AGP (this one no need for natit and white menufix) Nvidia_Geforce (select one only) NVinject NVinject-128 NVinject-256 NVinject-320 NVinject-512 NVinject-640 NVinject-768 NVinjectGO NVinjectGO-512 NVInject_Clevo_M570RU 8700gfx NATIT_gfnvidia Intel_GMA GMA950 (tiger one full accelerated and resolution support but with mouse artifact) GMAX3100 (not tested) Audio_Drivers Intel NVIDIA VIA ATI HDAudioController NVIDIAAC97Audio Realtek Sigmatel ConexantAnalogDevicesHDAudioCodec (generic output support) ALC883_DS3,p5k pro etc... alc889a_shutdown_support ALC882_p5w_dh_deluxe sigmatel_9200_inspiron_9400 Networks_Drivers Networks_Cards AppleBCM440XEthernet AppleBCM5751Ethernet AppleRTL8169Ethernet MarvellNetworkAdapter RealtekR1000 skge_marvell forcedeth Wifi_Card IO80211Family AtherosWirelessAdapter Zydas-ZD1211-1215 wifi_Broadcom_airport RT2500-RT73-USB wifi_AP_Realtek_RTL8187L wifi_Realtek_RTL8187B iwi2200beta Mobo_Chipsets (support for ati ; nvidia ; intel ; via ; sis ; marvell ; jmicron) AppleNForceATA AppleOnboardPCATA AppleVIAATA AppleGenericPCATA SiliconImage3132 Thirds_Applications (will be installed in /applications/KOOLSOFTS/) adium archives candybar changeFinder colloquy fairmount Growl GmailNotifier kextHelperB7 onyx Iphoto macam_iusbcam MacTheRipper Mojo Proxi pacifist perian ppfomatic SimplyBurns solarseek stuffitExpander textmate transmission vlc xbench Patches Hardcoded_SMBIOS Lastnetkassmbios (with coreplayer fix , mozzy and logmein !) AppleSMBIOS-27-Default AppleSMBIOS-27-667 AppleSMBIOS-27-800 AppleSMBIOS-27-1066 AppleSMBIOS-27-DDR3-1333 AppleSMBIOS-27-IM AppleSMBIOS-27-MB AppleSMBIOS-27-MBMem AppleSMBIOS-27-MP OLD tiger SMBIOS_1.0.1 SSE2_Jas1048_ACPI_APIC (may or not work) AppleACPIPlatform AppleAPIC Others PATCHES cpus=1 flag Francais_pc_keyboard_layout TimeMachineFix PowerManagement_bundle (don't install it if you have select sse2 patch !!!) IntelMemoryController USBPCGen (fix usbehci detection problem , enable usb2) AMD_1052_Patches (select patch 1 or patch 2) AMD_1052_Patch_test_1 AMD_1052_Patch_test_2 -legacy flag BIG THX to Dune , Dense , modbin, jas , Joe75 , etorix , netkas , rp4k , tehmachacker ,zef , kabyl , magicone , jacquesdupontd , lastexile , chiva4ry , rofl , unisex ,asap18 , xyz , and all the others ! you know who you are! Think of this as of a demo version and as of a free marketing campaign. Therefore, let it be ENJOY ! if you love MacOSX think to buy it !!! This DVD should only be used to preview Mac OS X Leopard. If you really like Mac OS X Leopard and you want to use it, you should get a real Mac. If buying a real Mac is too much, you can, at least, buy a license for Mac OS X Leopard. DONATE ( contribute to osx86 developpement )
  14. Customisation dvd d'install Leopard

    salut ! pour leo ! ce n'est pas du tout la meme que sous tiger allex ! ya pas a renommer le fichier distribution en .dist ! assurez vous de créer un pkg correct pour les nouveaux drivers a integrer ! puis pour editer le fichier distribution ! pas trop le choix il faut mettre les main a la pate! extraire distribution de osinstall.mpkg with flatpackagemaker de xcode (cé plus rapide , pas besoin de le faire en ligne de cmd!) puis l'editer en respectant parfaitent la syntax! une seule bavure et c'est rapé !
  15. Leopard Install hangs

    hi ! sorry for the wait!! i know p5k pro ! and all work if you add marvell ide id to viaata! i join the right viaata for marvell ide chip ! AppleVIAATA.kext.zip enjoy it