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  1. What bad message? HFS+ partition error or?
  2. Tobias

    Changing system to SSE3

    this is just a general tip, i know you dont want to reinstall but if it comes to that... backup your /Users/username folder... or more precisely just the /Users/username/Library folder That will allow you to backup about 96% of all settings and application preferences
  3. This is not just an issue with Intel-powered macs. We have the same issue with an powerbook 15". As soon as it connects to the network and starts trying to use the network (streaming video/copying files) it breaks the network. Other machines get pingtimes between 1ms-1500ms, same on the powerbook. This is not something that is a problem when the machine is just used to do moderate surfing, or when the machine is not there. So expect an update for the airport issues, sound issues & video issues soon hopefully...