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  1. Notebook Suggestion

    Inspiron's seem to have ATI or Intel GFX... I am thinking of having nVidia... but not sure... Can you recommend a configuration for the 1545s currently avail on dell.com?
  2. Looking for exactly the same thing... anyone?
  3. Anyone test one out with OSX yet? Thinking about this myself... dont care too much about power management and brightness since the screen is Anti-glare anyways... but for Wifi, any card recommendations? And can anyone confirm that all is actually well and working?
  4. Notebook Suggestion

    How about the Vostro 3500? http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=219989 Suggestion from any of these: http://www.bestbuy.com/site/olstemplatemap...rp=15&iht=n
  5. Notebook Suggestion

    Hey all, I am looking to buy a Hackintosh laptop really soon. I see the MyMacNetbook has a database for netbooks. Is there one for notebooks other than the osx86 wiki? The osx86 wiki lists older laptops, not newer ones. I am particularly looking for a 15.6" with core i3 or core i5 and 4GB ram. Anything else I am not too concerned about. I'll be using it for iPhone development so as long as gfx, wireless, and other basic stuff work, I should be good. I would get the Mackbook Pro, but the 15" starts at $1800, which is out of budget. So, any suggestions from anything: Newegg, BestBuy, Amazon, etc... which serves my purpose would be awesome. The more the OOB functionality, the better it is as long as the price is under $1200. Thanks in advance.
  6. Okay too many problems... Windows 7 is pretty much dead... getting Disk Error, then somehow mybootup (BCD) messed up... And windows 7 is unbootable no matter what... I tried actually manually making my BCD no luck... more problems, my 9500GT needs drivers, so I update to 10.5.6 and my keyboard and mouse stop working... I tried the PS2 ready kexts found on this forum... No luck at all... I think its because my mouse is USB, but my keyboard is PS2... OSX is prolly the only OS which breaks itself on release updates :-/... Well So I cannot update to 10.5.6 correctly, meaning I cant get correct drivers for my video card... My windows 7 is dead.. tried stuff with acronis, gparted, and everything possible, but its dead no matter what... So, reinstalled windows 7 for now... Does any of you know if iPC 10.5.6 is compatible with that mobo? Also, if there are any other distros for 10.5.6 is even snow beta which are compatible/stable? As for now, I am actually happier with Win7... installed faster than OSX and had much fewer problems... only thing I hate is the new Vista Bootloader... :-/... but then again its probably better than OSX's :-/... (Hail Linux + Grub ) I'll be dloading 10.5.6 iPC... I have seen somewhere on this forum that even retail 10.5.6 is compatible... but I really dont wanna worry about PS2 errors :-/...
  7. Kalyway 10.5.2 Sleep kernel worked perfectly... NIC (RLC8111) worked out of box (it required patching in vanilla but worked OOB in sleep)... Audio worked perfectly ... All devices worked perfectly, except video card, I'll be updating to 10.5.6 and then installed the 9500 drivers (easily found on this forum)... Love this forum... The only problem I am having, is my windows 7 cannot boot, it says that bootup needs repair or something, but i think its something small... will let u know how it goes tomorrow...
  8. Hello, First of thanks to all who help manage this site and the hardware compatibility lists. I have ordered a Hackintosh with the following wishlist: http://secure.newegg.com/WishList/PublicWi...tNumber=8199294 It seems to be fully compatible, and is cheap and exactly what I need. My laptop (HP's manufacturer defect) broke, and I needed a decent core 2 duo. I had installed OSX on my laptop a while back, but didnt use it much for the one reason that it didn't support the wifi (Intel 4965g) card. I look forward to opinions and whether this thing will work. I'll be getting it Thursday. I am hoping to install Windows 7 on it first however, then somehow dual boot it with OSX. I need Windows for Work and for stuff that won't work on parallels, so hoping to dual boot.
  9. Need advice to buy an Ethernet card

    cool thx... will try and get the staples card...
  10. Need advice to buy an Ethernet card

    same question... did u real the thread about compatible wifi cards on here... I also want to know which one is worth buying...
  11. WiFi cards that work with MAC OS X

    thc for the info... but, ummm ok so none of these tested on 10.5?... also, any card that specifically work natively?... can people vote on which on is better compatible... because some people have trouble like it keeps cutting off and so with some cards and I dont want to get any of those... Thanks again
  12. HP built in WEBCAM

    diabolic... i have been messing a ton with this... i tried all three sonix drivers with webcam monitor... but webcam monitor tells me "no video from source"... However, while take the login picture, before installing sonix drivers it used to give me a white screen an actually take a picture of nothing... but not it tells me "camera is shut"... Also, I even tried using all programs through rosetta and it gave me no luck... I have heard iAtkos has better webcam support... so im going to try that overnight...
  13. HP built in WEBCAM

    yea anyone here know a way to port linux drivers to mac... or even freeBSD drivers to mac or to linux and then to mac.... cuz my HP dv9207 have ricoh webcam built in it and i can get linux drivers for it...
  14. hp pavilion dv6000 webcam driver

    umm which webcam is it specifically... ricoh?... can u look in device manager and tell us?... also, does mac atleast detect somethgin like USB webcam already?
  15. Sony VAIO Motion Eye webcam

    @ diabolic... thx ma, but it says no video from source... every program detects my webcam as USb webcam... but cannot initialize it... as in it cannot turn it on to use it... oh and also for more info, i have ricoh R5U870 webcam... I know the usb webcam that mac detects is my webcam because vista treats it as a usb webcam as well... It doesnt even work when i do select user picture... all programs so far including iChat detect it though and try to use it without any luck :-/... @ fintoingegnere... can u tell us how it worked with virtual ubuntu... did u use parallels?... im quite familiar with ubuntu... and I have gotten my webcam to work on real ubuntu before i installed kalyway.... I have an hp dv9207 laptop and someone on this forum said the webcam worked out of the box for them :-/...