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  1. Toshiba Portege M400, Native success

    Thanks Siegfried! I'll try that one Grim Reaper installed. I *think* I made an image of my current Kalyway install using the disk utility. I hate to waste it, as it all looks pretty solid, aside from the onboard sound and wireless, and I tried installing an external USB audio interface which worked out just fine. The display thing doesn't sound like much hassle. There's a 15" LCD laying around here doing nothing if I need it. Take Care
  2. Toshiba Portege M400, Native success

    I'm in the same boat as n9uxu and am wondering if maybe I should have chosen a different distro or something as most of the info I read is fairly dated now. I went with the Kalyway 10.5.2 install which went over smoothly once my M400's second core was turned off. Basic functionality is fine, but I've got no sound device (Sigmatel High Definition Audio), no WiFi (Intel Pro 3945ABG) and the trackpad doesn't seem to detect taps (probably normal, the buttons work fine). Audio was the main thing I wanted to use, with WiFi being a major convenience. I may have selected a couple extra driver packages during the install (for audio/wireless), but didn't un-check any of the defaults. I've also applied the Stac9200.txt to the HDA patcher as mentioned above (went smoothly and prompted for a reboot), and mounted and ran an install from the "iwifi.dmg" for my wireless as described in another thread. Neither of those devices show any presence in any of the pref panels. Does it sound like I've done all that I was supposed to do regarding the OS/driver installs, or was Kalyway the wrong version to go for? -Thanks!
  3. Should I switch distros?

    Synaesthesia, Thanks! Yeah, I have no problem sticking with that, and don't really want to install something newer just because I can. I mainly want small & tight, but thought maybe the others were better about some of the laptop component support or the wifi. If I don't hear any other reason to switch, I'll go back to my Uphuck attempt and maybe read up some on the custom install and tweaks. On a couple tries, I deselected things which I would have sworn it wouldn't need, yet it mangled the install. George PS for anyone into "imaging" partitions- I also had trouble with Ghosting my OSX partition after the working install. As a standard safety, I do all my Windows installs with dos Ghost, right after setting them up. I managed to Ghost the OSX install, but somehow it wouldn't see the Mac partition as a valid destination when I tried to dump it back later. So I may need to switch my imaging app as well.
  4. Hi (put this in the wrong forum and am finally getting it reposted), I had been tinkering with OSX on my laptop, which is a bit older (Pentium M 1.5G Toshiba Tecra A2 S336). It has mostly Intel circuits built in (an 855 chipset), and the troublesome Intel Pro 2200bg wireless. I was running what I guess is somewhat dated now (10.4.9 "Uphuck" 1.4i R3), and am wondering if I should look into a newer or different version now that so many others are available. FWIW, most stuff seemed properly detected with the full install, other than the wireless, which I got running for a while on the iwi_darwin drivers. Some of the settings for the display and touchpad weren't available though, and judging by the stuff that flies up the screen during boot, I suspect that a bunch of {censored} got installed that I didn't want or need. I'd prefer a somewhat small system. Much Thanks! George PS- I successfully ruined the initial install and have not been able to reinstall with working wireless, using the same procedure as before. Figure it may save me some trouble to switch now for this next attempt.
  5. Why was my post pulled?

    Much thanks for that! I've been pretty busy today. Running With Scissors- It appears I don't have permission to post in the main part of the install forum. Do I go with the 10.4 section? Take Care
  6. Why was my post pulled?

    Will do, and thanks both of you. Wish I had saved the post's text now. Take Care --- shame there's not an "undecided" section in between the 10.4/10.5 install sections
  7. Hi (newbie here), I posted a question yesterday about whether or not to try one of the more recent distros that are out rather than fighting with my initial choice (Uphuck 10.4.9,1.4i R3) on an older laptop (Pentium M,1.5GHz). Post was in the "New Releases and Updates" section, was titled "Should I switch distros?" and was gone within an hour or two. I skimmed through as many of the forum rules as I could and read through the forum descriptions beforehand. I figured that was the proper place for the question. Sincere apologies if that wasn't where it belonged, but not having any mention of why it was deleted makes me wonder if it's even worth trying to repost it. -Thanks!
  8. If it's any consolation to anyone, I got that driver Ajal pointed to above to install and run on a 2200BG in a Toshiba Tecra A2S336 under 10.4.9 last night. I used the rev779 version. Strange thing is, after fumbling through that net selector app and finally getting it running, I chose my router's AP from the list and it prompted me for the key, which actually worked. I'm running with 128bit WEP encryption. I read the same things about needing an open network, so I don't know if he's changed the drivers recently or what, but it seems to be working for the most part. I'm not sure my connection is as solid as my usual XP setup, but I really don't know what the hell I'm doing right now (last Mac was a 533 G4 under OS9). Hope things have improved!