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  1. DSDT fixes for Gigabyte boards

    Yes I tried swapping PCI slots. Which would usually fix the problem at first, but ultimately, the same behavior resulted (after booting into Win7 and then rebooting, no firewire until resume from sleep). The card is a PCI 400 Firewire card with TI Chipset - 104c:8024 Thanks for the suggestions...
  2. DSDT fixes for Gigabyte boards

    Guys - thanks to all in this thread, I've gotten my P35-DS3L working very well with a lot of the help here. USB devices wake from sleep and graphics in DSDT is working. Sound too! I have ONE remaining issue. And I'm stumped. My PCI FIREWIRE card works intermittently. I think it has to do with it getting a conflicting IRQ with HPET, but I'm not sure. On boot, Firewire does NOT work and System Profiler says "Unable to list firewire devices". If I sleep the computer and then resume: firewire works. Usually, it will then work on reboot unless I boot into Windows 7. Then, when I boot back into Snow, I have to do the sleep and resume trick to get firewire to work again. Is there a fix? I am posting my DSDT.aml and IOReg output for those who can help. NOTE: This is the IOReg export AFTER sleeping and resuming (so firewire is working). Let me know if I should post an IOReg when firewire is NOT working. I am guessing I need to specify something about the PCI Firewire card in the DSDT and assign it a free IRQ, but this is beyond my knowledge. THANKS to any and all who may be able to offer help! DSDTandIOReg.zip
  3. My Bios Settings: advanced limit cpuid max to 3 - disabled no-execute memory protect - enabled cpu enhanced halt (c1e) - disabled cpu thermal monitor 2 (tm2) - disabled cpu eist function - disabled integrated peripherals on-chip primary ide - enabled on-chip secondary ide - enabled on chip sata - auto usb controller - enabled usb 2.0 controller - enabled usb keyboard - enabled usb mouse - enabled legacy usb storage - disabled azalia codec - auto onboard lan - enabled onboard lan boot rom - enabled (i think this fixes some intermittent bonjour issues, but not sure) onboard serial port - disabled onboard parallel port - disabled power management acpi suspend type - s3 My Process to Setup OS 10.5.4: 01) Installed via meansizzler's detailed instructions. Follow these to the letter. 02) Clicked "Erase" and renamed my hard drive "MacDrive" and set partition as GUID. 03) Installed 10.5.1 to "MacDrive" checking off only Vanilla Kernel, ACPI Vanilla fix, Azalia Out, and Boot EFI Guid (did graphics drivers later) 04) After you get your initial 10.5.1 restart the system for good measure. 05) Apply the 10.5.2 Combo Update. 06) Restart (on reboot use -v -f -x flags) 07) Apply 10.5.2 Kernel update and choose 9.2 Vanilla 08) Restart 09) Apply 10.5.3 Combo Update and do NOT restart 10) Then apply 10.5.3 Kernel Update and choose 9.3 Vanilla Kernel and now restart 11) On reboot use "update -v -f" flags 12) My computer always did a weird self-restart at this point in the process, so let yours do the same if it wants to. 13) Now apply the 10.5.4 Update via Software Update along with any other updates 14) Finally I added an EFI string for my Geforce 7600GT - works perfectly! Sleep, network, reboot, and everything else works as expected! Thank you meansizzler!