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  1. pinwheel

    Something's going on... Run Activity Monitor in a window and click on 'CPU' column to see what's using the CPU the most. Keep it open and visible so that you can see what is busy when the pinwheel appears. If this was Windows, it might be your antivirus scanning/downloading... Whatever it is it's clearly hogging your Mac's attention. If so, it might be something upgrading by itself and, if it is, do you want it to? You might want to see if something is also busy on your broadband: try yanking the network cable out while this is happening. does it stop? Wireshark running as well can show what's connecting with you at pinwheel time. Note the IP addresses and 'whois' them. Can be fun and sometimes instructive. HTH
  2. Back from a holiday and want Picasa - via Darwine - to read my NTFS server picture folder. I realise that the network folder share will need to be mapped as a drive letter and hoped to map it via Wine's 'explorer.exe'. Alas, Explorer will not launch from C:'s Windows folder. It appears fleetingly in the Wine Process Window and vanishes. I tried launching it afresh with no other Wine prog open and with WineHelper and X11 previously closed but it won't open. Any suggestions? Any other way to map to a drive letter from within Wine? (OK, I know about drive Z: but am only trying to make the path a lot shorter.) How do I get 'explorer.exe' to run, please?
  3. Sycx89, indeed I will. I am happy to learn automator scripting for this. I thought I had posted a reply to your advice yesterday but seem to have been mistaken. Better late, etc...
  4. So, can no-one even tell me if this is possible? Some people, especially 'crossers-over' must surely need to conveniently launch Darwine-mediated progs using the usual Mac facilities e.g. Dock. Go on, you've done it (or even failed trying) so tell us what we can try/expect!
  5. I was shunted to this as THE forum for help with the Darwine project. Is there no-one who knows how to use Darwine facilities to associate darwine-mediated programs with anything other than an icon, such as, in this case, launching it on connection with a digital camera? Can no-one point me to the syntax for a script/CL to help this happen? Is there no-one knowledgable enough to say with some authority that this is not possible? Can anyone indicate what forum would be more likely to be populated with Darwine-savvy folk?
  6. I want my Mac to launch Picasa2.exe when I connect my digital camera. I tried using 'Get Info' route and the 'RCDefaultApps' utility but neither work with wine-mediated apps. I seem to need to invoke winehelper.app and pass picasa2.exe as an argument or something but don't know how to do this. I can't find any info on darwine used this way. Can it be done? Maybe wrapped in a script?