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  1. hermann88

    [Venduto] AirPort Extreme TP-Link WN951N

    Ciao, supporterà la tecnologia Airdrop?
  2. hermann88

    released Update to 10.6.4

    Worked well for me! I don't know if Atom Cpus are supported. Anyone have tried?
  3. Released Update for Snow Leopard to 10.6.4 version
  4. Hi kaby, congratulation for your great work! I need a bios modded for conroe945g-dvi because on snow leopard poweroff and restart don't work. I tryed to reach your website but it is not online. thanks for all, see you soon hermann hermann88@hotmail.it
  5. Is there anyone that Fixed the sleep on Acer Aspire one (ZG5 Model)? I've installed Snow leopard on it, a perfect Vanilla Installation and I've got a full working Netbook except for sleep and Wifi (wifi solved swapping internal card). I want create a guide for it. thanks in advance Hermann
  6. hermann88

    ATI Radeon HD4350 PCIe

    I've got an issues with my video card. It is an EAH4350 1GB. I've got black screen and no signal from vga or dvi. I tried with some bootloader , graphicsenabler, atikexts, and adding id... can someone help me?
  7. hermann88

    TeamViewer suddenly not working

    hello, you can solve your problem editing smbios.plist. change smserial with a random one. You can find smbios.plist in extra folder.
  8. hermann88

    TeamViewer not working on 10.6.2

    Here you are my smbios http://www.mediafire.com/?3ctadwj1fiy
  9. hermann88

    TeamViewer not working on 10.6.2

    I solved this problem... Also me had te problem: "Access to the teamviewer server has been denied". To solve this annoying problem, I've installed the last Chameleon, and placed smbios.plist in the Folder Extra .. Remember to change the SMserial string into the smbios file with a random one!!! sorry for my bad english, but if you need an help I can help you
  10. hermann88

    Rebranding Atheros AR5006EG to a Vanilla Card

    Hi to all, I tried the guide, but I've a problem, my card is 802.11 g only... Someone knows subdevice ID? thanks of all ps: subdevice id 004e give me a kernel panic with airport brcm43xx
  11. Good Evening to everyone, this is my first post... I'm asking you for an help.... I would istall mac leopard 10.5.2 on a pc, here you are my system information Motherboard: Asus a8n sli - se Cpu: AMD Athlon 64 3000+ Video: Nvidia geforce 6600 256 mb pci-e Ram 2 gb hard disk: sata maxtor 160 gb i try to install it, but on reboot it crash and don't se more my hd thantk to all hermann