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  1. The low cost is part of the reason it's technically illegal. Part of the cost of a Mac is the OS X license, the OS X DVDs available at retail stores is an upgrade license for the existing OS. Since there's no way to buy the full version of OS X, there's no legit way to use it without a Mac. Even if it weren't against the EULA, there would still be no way around the licensing issue.
  2. Right. But it's as close to a netbook as Apple is willing to go, i'd bet. Mostly due to the fact that they can get $1300-$1400 more for it. Even if Apple did design a true 10" netbook, i'd be willing to wager it would cost closer to $1000 than $500.
  3. I think the real reason Jobs isn't interested in doing a netbook is that Apple already makes one (sort of); with a 13.3" display, too (which is clearly superior to the 8-10" screens on most netbooks). It's called the Macbook Air. And they can charge $1799/unit for it, and get it, because it's clearly different. Like most netbooks, it has no built-in optical drive. And it's really light and portable. If you think of it, the Macbook Air is like a netbook that's been flattened out by a steamroller. A really powerful (relatively speaking) netbook, but nonetheless a glorified netbook.
  4. New MacBook Pro [PIC's]

    I have one HUGE question, now that i've been thinking about it. What is it with Apple and these freakin' proprietary DVI connections? Is there any reason they can't just stick an HDMI port or 2 on the thing? HDMI->DVI converters are a dime a dozen these days, seems this el-weirdo DVI connector is simply a ploy to sell accessories. Macbooks are expensive enough, without nickle and diming folks for cables. And HDMI connectors are positively compact.
  5. USB speakers/headphones can put quite a load on the CPU. Coupled with a CPU-intensive situation (such as the city areas in WOW) the sound is sure to suffer, it's basically the audio equivalent of graphical hiccups.
  6. VMWare Fusion on a Hack?

    You people are all missing one important fact. VMWare is also available on FOR Windows. So going by what you are saying, the only version of VMWare that makes sense at all is Fusion. I guess it's time to write to VMWare, Sun (Virtualbox) and Microsoft (Virtual PC/Virtual Server/Windows 2008 hypervisor) and tell them they've been wrong all this time, and wasting their time on this whole virtualization hooey. (Keep in mind that 'virtualization' is one of the biggest buzzwords in the industry right now)
  7. Bought myself a new Mac....

    Ahhhh, if only it were a USB2.0 model. As it is, USB1.1 is a bit too slow for large transfers to my iPod touch. I use my backup Hackintosh (Asus P5K-E based, 3GHz OCed C2D e6600) to sync my iPod. Does a nifty job in a jiffy. The eMac is just a fun thing to play around with, and now i've installed an Airport Extreme card, so I may move it elsewhere in the house as a wireless internet terminal. One that cost me, all parts considered, a whopping $150; the price of a low-midrange PC processor chip.
  8. Was checking out eBay several days ago, and came across a heck of a deal. Someone was selling eMac pulls from a school for $50 plus $35 shipping, and I made the impulse buy. It's one of the 1GHz models (G4, of course) and has a 60GB HDD and came with 256MB (but now has 512) RAM and ATI Radeon 7500 or 8500 graphics, I forget which; and 10.4.6 which I upgraded to 10.4.11 immediately. Didn't come with a KB/mouse, but a $35 MS Wireless Mac combo solved that problem quite elegantly. So for a total of $120 i've got myself quite a nice system. Aside from some scuff marks on top, and very minor scuffing on the front, it's a really clean system (with a pristine screen). It's also quite a fast system for its age. Had a grand old time playing Cro-Mag rally on it (1280x960/32-bit) at a really good clip. It IS however one of the louder Apple systems i've ever heard. That cooling fan is pretty heavy-duty. Of course, i'm a Windows/Hackintosh PC guy, so the noise is comforting *LOL* Well, anyways, I guess this thread doesn't have too much of a point, except to brag about what I consider a very good deal. The average $120 PC isn't half the system this little guy is, and I guess the 1GHz eMacs are still worth $350-$500, according to everymac.
  9. What???? "netkas" isn't another word for "Intel/United EFI Forum"?
  10. The New iPod Touch

    Piezo buzzers sound like {censored} when you play music through them, though. Think PC Speaker vs. PC Soundcard That's because in the case of the iPod Touch, the BCM4325 chip isn't there for bluetooth, it acts as a transceiver for the Nike+ functions. I'm sure some enterprising programmer will come up with some sort of BT app for it though; although I wouldn't count on it showing up in the App store, it'll probably require a jailbroken iPod. EDIT: The biggest thing that I don't really like about the new Touch is that they went ahead and made it even thinner. The 1st gen was almost bordering on too thin to begin with, I can't imagine a thinner device. There's a limit to how thin something can be before it becomes uncomfortable to hold.
  11. 10.5.5 update?

    To all people having the AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement.kext kernel panic, your install likely IS NOT HOSED.. Just do what I indicated above and remove the kext. I'm finding that even though an OSX86 install won't boot for some reason, it's seldom truly hosed. Seems like it's easier to fix certain things than it is in Windows. Well, if you downloaded the update via Software Update, it doesn't start installing until you tell it to reboot. So you could try going to terminal and typing the code, and then hit restart. I don't guarantee it will work, but if it doesn't you can always boot via install DVD and use terminal to remove the kext. Only takes 4 or 5 minutes.
  12. 10.5.5 update?

    It is a kernel panic from AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement.kext; says so right at the bottom of the screen. All I did to fix this was 1) booted from Kalyway DVD; 2) Loaded terminal; and 3) typed rm -f /Volumes/<my volume name>/System/Library/Extensions/AppleIntelCPUManagement.kext -- then I rebooted, and all came back up fine. The update finished installing, the system rebooted, and I was looking at Mac OS X 10.5.5
  13. 10.5.5 update?

    Wow, you're lucky. My P5B deluxe wifi wouldn't boot at all, it didn't like the new AHCI kexts. So I replaced 'em from Terminal off of the Kalyway DVD and all is now well. OK, so that explains what I did wrong.... Oh well, took 3 hours of my time to fix all of the problems on both of my hacks, so I can't really complain. Gave me something productive to do this evening.
  14. 10.5.5 update?

    Running Vanilla Kernel with PC EFI v8 (originally was a Kalyway 10.5.2 install); Software Update to 10.5.5 temporarily hosed my system but was back up and running in 5 minutes using terminal from the install DVD and typing: cd /Volumes/SYSTEM (my MacOS volume) cd /System/Library/Extensions rm -rf AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement.kext did a reboot, update did it's thing and I booted into 10.5.5; spent an hour restoring custom kexts and testing and all is working well (would have taken less time if i'd thought to put the x1800xt PCI ID in ATIRadeonX1000.kext). Didn't have to mess with the dsmos.kext thing at all, everything works well (Finder, Expose, Dashboard, etc.) - Installing via SW Update and deleting one kext via terminal didn't seem like much work, although the instant KP as soon as the kext is copied is alarming at first. I installed OSX86 to learn a bit about Mac OS, and a bit about UNIX; so this installation 'problem' was actually something I was hoping for (tried the update on my DEV Hackintosh first) as I wanted to see how easily it'd be recovered. For my PROD machine, I may wait for a bit and see how my DEV machine holds up over a couple of days. Yup. Darwin 9.5.0
  15. Yo, Yo, Yo, Yo, Dawg - I know you'z a gangsta rapper, but tryin' to read your thread, throws my mind right down the crapper, now i'm walkin' round, all f*&(ed up, my mind is in a daze, to get your grammer out my mind, i gots to smoke some haze..... OK, now that we've gotten busting on you for posting in a mix of gangsta and AOL speak, now for your answer. There is absolutely no reason the Leopard disc should be giving you an error, given your specs, unless it's a restore disc for a certain model Mac. And if it's a system-specific restore disc, it probably doesn't have the correct drivers for your system's hardware. That being said, if you can get it to install and work, go for it, your system more than meets the specs (unless you have <9GB free hard disk space, in that case it won't install either)