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  1. Semi-Official Intel DP35DP board thread

    Hey all, Anybody running 10.5.8 or Snow leopard on the DP35DP? I'm still running 10.5.2 and I'm wondering what's the newest version people are successfully running on the DP35DP? Thanks.
  2. This looks nice. I#m still running the 10.5.2 from the old guide but i have been wanting to update to 10.5.8. I have an intel DP35DP mobo. i couldn#t find any guides to bring this install to 10.5.8 or any other based of the same chipset. Pcwiz doesn#t seem to be around anymore. anybody knows of a guide? Thanks.
  3. Great job PCWIZ. Can't wait to try the 10.5.4 update. I have been running your 10.5.2 flawlessly for the last months. By the way, any plans for a 10.5.5 update any soon? If so I might just wait for that and do it all at once. Thanks PCWIZ.
  4. Oh, so that's why? But I heard Shake can use up to 4GB and yet it runs on the same OSX? Thanks.
  5. If I go to Final Cut Pro > System Settings > Memory and Cash tab, I have application memory set at 90% and it shows 2304MB. Even if I set it to 100% it says only 2560MB. What's wrong? I have 4GB installed and if I go to About this Mac it says 4GB. Why doesn't Final Cut Pro sees it? Thanks.
  6. As I said above, 3 beeps meant no memory. So I checked the memory, removed it and snaped it back in and it works perfectly again.Thanks.
  7. Nevermind. The most stupid thing. Once the motherboard started to beep it was easy to narrow it down. 3 beeps meant no memory. So I checked the memory, removed it and snaped it back in and it works perfectly again. The memory either popped out because it wasn't installed properly at the shop (but it still weird it would do that just sitting there, since nobody was home to hit or shake the tower) or the memory is starting to fail. In any case if it happens again I will just replace the memory. But when it started doing this, for some reason, the motherboard wasn't beeping. It beeped the very first time but then never again. I'm glad it started beeping again so I could id the problem. Thanks again.
  8. What battery? it is a tower and it only runs directly out of the mains. How can it be a hardware problem when it was working perfectly? I go out on vacation and when I come back and try it it doesn't work. How can a perfectly working system develop hardware problems just sitting still? Thanks.
  9. I used PCWIZ guide to install Kalyway 10.5.2 on my Hacintosh with an Intel DP35DP based system. It was working great. It took a little while to figure the graphics card driver but after that it was working perfectly. Then I went out for a week and today when I came back it will no longer boot. Actually, it won't start at all. I press the ON button and after a short while the computer starts (it used to start as soon as I pushed the button). Then nothing comes on on the screen. I can hear the computer running but nothing shows. Tried to connect different monitors, VGA, DVI and nothing. The very first time I started it, it started beeping and didn't boot. Now it doesn't beep but still doesn't start. Tried to boot from DVD and it won't. No even BIOS I can access. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
  10. Yes, Final Cut Pro doesn't care much about the graphics card. But the Final Cut Suite sure has applications which depend on a powerful graphics card. Color for example is very graphics card hungry and so is Motion. If you also use Shake, you better have a good card. The question is what is best, the HD2600 XT or the 8800 GT ?
  11. Interesting. But I don't understand the need for IDE drives. SATA is just as available and just as good. Or it's just for poeple who already have IDE drives and don't want to buy new ones? For the record my machine works great. USB and firewire works without a problem. Hehehe. You really saved the day Johnny.For now I think I'm happy with stereo. If I ever need more I think I will just buy a sound card. It will probably be easier. Cheers!
  12. Hi folks. I installed Final Cut Studio 2 on my machine and everything is working fine, but I need to update Final Cut Pro to 6.02 and I have 6.0 now. I managed to get the update to 6.02 but for my surprise it won't update from 6.0, only from 6.01. So I need to get 6.01 first? Or how to go about that? I'm running Kalyway 10.5.2. Thanks in advance.
  13. Saved me again Johnny. My audio works now. At least stereo output. I have audio in my headphones. Haven't tested input yet and Final Cut Pro tells me 5.1 is not working. Although I'm not even sure the SigmaTel STAC9271D supports 5.1 or anything above stereo. I will try to find out as I may need 5.1 support. Otherwise I think I could just install a dedicated audio card right? But then I will probably have to hunt for a driver/kext again. I had ctually tried that patch before and it didn't work. But that was before I discovered Kext Helper. This is such a handy application. Thanks again Johnny.
  14. Yep! It took a while but I'm glad it works now. My audio doesn't though. But I seen to remember reading of somebody saying he used Helper b7 to install a kext to my audio SigmaTel STAC9271D during the time I was researching how to fix my graphics card. I will try searching again. But does anybody know of a kext for my sound? Thanks again guys. This is the last thing I needto fix before I have a "perfect" system. I think this is a wise decision. I just got my video working with 10.5.2. I would hate to have it destroyed by 10.5.3 so I would probably not upgrade anyways. Besides what are you supposed to gain with 10.5.3 anyways?
  15. YEAH! Finally. After a couple of weeks trying it finally works! I now have the full native resolution (1920x1200) support connected via DVI. Everything is working with my Zotac Nvidia 8400 GS 256MB. Here's summarizing how I did it, in case other 8400 GS users need to know. I went through the whole guide as PCWIZ recommended. Installed everything in the guide. Then I used the kext Johnny V gave here: and did exactly what Johnny recommended here: installed it using Helper b7 and re-booted. That's it. It works. I tried NVinject installers, Punk92, NVkush and none of them did it for me, but this works great. Thanks PCWIZ for the great guide and thanks Johnny V who has been helping this clueless Windows user for a couple of weeks. Thanks a lot Johnny. I don't think I would have figure it out without you. Thanks a lot. Now is to figure how to get my audio to work.