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  1. I have tried both JaS 10.4.6 and Goatsecx 10.4.6 and both cause a kernel stack fault on my Dual Core 1.83GHz Sony FE laptop I am using the latest VMWare 5.5.2, interestingly i have got the original deadmoo 10.4.1 image and that runs fine in VMWare on a dual core laptop! -- bedrock
  2. PPF for 10.4.4

    -- bedrock
  3. I've just done a clean install of 10.4.4 from the install DVD, and i have no network Previously when i have been using 10.4.1 and 10.4.3 networking has worked fine, this is on a sony vaio laptopn with an intel pro 100 network adapter. Do i need another .kext file? Can i get this off of a 10.4.3 install dvd, i looked in the dvd but couldn't find many kext's, are they stored inside a package? Any ideas? -- bedrock
  4. I downloaded the hirens boot cd iso from the link above, but the RAR file is password protected? Does someone know what the password is? -- bedrock
  5. 10.4.4 Dual Boot

    Hi all, I have the 10.4.4 install dvd that is floating around, and i have burned it and booted with it, and it all seems ok. Now i want to setup a dual boot system with XP, i had previously done this with 10.4.1 and 10.4.3 using the chain0 file and the boot.ini from Windows XP. Does the 10.4.4 install DVD put the correct Darwin boot loader on the hard disk, or do i need a 10.4.3 DVD to do that, i've read a few posts that say not to use the disk utility in the 10.4.4 install dvd to create partitions, os i have created a partition in windows and set it's type to 0xAF, i'm ready to install, but i dont want to hose my windows partition, any advise? thanks in advnace -- bedrock
  6. Hacked PS/2 Driver :)

    Well i dont know exactly what you have been putting in your rc file, but here is the end of mine, and this has worked for all 10.4.3 builds that give a time out when they try and load the kext automatically on boot <snip> if [ "${VerboseFlag}" != "-v" ]; then /usr/libexec/WaitingForLoginWindow fi kextunload /System/Library/Extensions/ApplePS2Controller.kext/Contents/PlugIns/ApplePS2Keyboard.kext kextload /System/Library/Extensions/ApplePS2Controller.kext/Contents/PlugIns/ApplePS2Keyboard.kext exit 0 -- bedrock
  7. Hacked PS/2 Driver :)

    Well i added those two lines to the end of /etc/rc and for now i get keyboard working okay on bootup, so it looks like i have a tempory solution but i still dont understand why the default ApplePS2Controller.kext times out on boot? -- bedrock
  8. Hacked PS/2 Driver :)

    Well i have been doing some experimenting with USB keyboard attached... At boot time i get ApplePS2Controller: Timed out waiting for keyboard input stream and laptop keyboard doesn't work, but after OSX has booted if i open a terminal and kextunload ApplePS2Keyboard.kext kextload ApplePS2Keyboard.kext my laptop keyboard start working Is there some way i can automate this process with a bootup script? I am not familair with apple scripting although i do know a little about bash, i have created a shell script, but of course it is useless caus i need to be root to execute kextunload/kextload, so i need some way from a script to su and then execute the two lines above. Any help? Thanks -- bedrock
  9. Hacked PS/2 Driver :)

    I'm looking forward to testing with my laptop also. I have borrowed a usb keyboard, and i am planning on installing XCode and getting source too, so i can experiment, i am puzzeled why laptop keyboard isn't when it did with 10.4.1, according to apple developer site darwin source didn't chage for this kext -- bedrock
  10. Hacked PS/2 Driver :)

    Yes i have seen that, thats the kext that maxxuss included in his 1.1 PPF patch, and that is already on my patched DVD, but it isn't working the keyboard on my laptop. So when i cam accross this thread i thought the hacked PS/2 driver might work, but then it is for 10.4.1 I hope someone can help me get my laptop keyboard working, caus apart from that everything else is good, even sound is working fine, just no keyboard -- bedrock
  11. Hacked PS/2 Driver :)

    Thanks for your help, i'm not sure what the problem is exactly, but i just keep getting: ApplePS2Controller: Timed out waiting for mouse input stream ApplePS2Controller: Timed out waiting for keyboard input stream Thanks in advance -- bedrock
  12. Hacked PS/2 Driver :)

    Hi, i'm not sure exactly what was hacked in this PS2 driver, but i have just managed to get 10.4.3 working natively, but my laptop keyboard isn't working I was wondering if the original poster or someone else could compile this version of the PS2Controller.kext for 10.4.3? Maybe then my laptop keyboard will work (it worked in 10.4.1 ) -- bedrock
  13. HOW TO: Installing 10.4.3 in VMWare

    The other site seems to be dead anyway
  14. HOW TO: Installing 10.4.3 in VMWare

    There is a real 10.4.3 dev dvd floating about, but there are no patches for it as yet
  15. OS X x86 10.4.3 DVD

    I've downloaded and mounted the .dmg inside my current native 10.4.1 install and it looks genuine to me, or corse until there are some patches i cant really do much more with it