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  1. Solved DVI Output (NVCAP) on 8400 GS

    Hi super_engine, I have been search the solution for long time, eventually you provided me the solution! You save my life, thank you!
  2. 8400GS work with Dual Monitor(VGA and DVI)?

    Hi Macgirl, thanks very much for your advice. In view of this, I should have further search into more threads of the 8400GS supporting dual monitors.
  3. I am currently using VGA port for my 8400GS video card, and have spent a lot of time to Calibate the color and fixing dual monitors, but fail. Could anyone tell me that if there is a driver for my Gigabyte 8400GS video card which support dual monitors? I have already search and read many posts, but still been confused the steps to fix my 8400GS card. If this is there is NO drive for the card, then, I have to buy a replacement; is there any low end ATI card (I don't play gam or use 3D graphic) which is easy for me to attach dual monitor by going through easy driver installation? Appreciate very much if anyone can advise me on this.