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  1. @fusion71au Thank you for the guide for Snow Leopard and Lion OS Macs. I had the same issue @gekho21 had, an MLB showing up as a "Serial Number: 1" on my old 2006 Mac Mini (Macmini1,1), that is being retired. Didn't have much luck with the Yosemite Installer USB because I couldn't get it to boot (constant "?" folder issue). Busted the thing open and found the 13 digit MLB that way. Started the whole Serial, MLB, ROM, SmUUID process over with new numbers and now my legit ROM and MLB numbers. First go, still getting the "Call Apple Number" message for now. I'll give it a few days to see if anything "clears up". Small background....running 10.10, had iMessage and FaceTime running just fine in the Fall using made up values (had to call them to "whitelist" me and all was good) until Apple made their change in the past couple months. Been following some discussions on the topic since then and yours is the first I saw giving me a way to get some values off an old Mac Mini running SL. Now, I'm not saying that iMessage and such will magically start working, but who knows. I'm now using legit values from a real Mac that will never see the internet again, so here's to hoping EDIT: Really need to update my sig here.....what you see down there has not been my main rig for awhile, please ignore it
  2. Sadly, I just voted no. I've been a user of your guides in the past and love that you got up and running on 10.10. I still have my nForce board and e8400 running, but it is now simply used as a download box these days. I was a holdout for a long time, but have sadly (or happily? ) moved on. Keep at it! Love that you have been able to run with this board as long as you have. Great job! EDIT: And it looks like I need to update my sig line at some point
  3. icedtrip

    OctaneRender (CUDA) can be used as NVIDIA-BENCH!

    1:29 on EVGA GeForce GTX780 SC. Had a lot going on while running it. Not sure if that mattered, but will give a go later too.
  4. So I got this in the mail yesterday ( http://www.amazon.com/Crest-Port-SATA-PCI-Express-SY-PEX40039/dp/B005B0A6ZS/ ), got home and installed it, and so far have run into a couple of problems. I have a DVD drive and a Bluray drive both plugged into it. The machine boots and recognizes the drives, and at some point in booting Snow Leopard, both drive doors open. I close the drive doors, and once the desktop shows up, a dialog appears saying it doesn't recognize the disc in the drive when there is no disc in the drive. It seems as though the OS thinks there is a DVD or something in the drive. I did try putting a disc in one of the drives and the system froze. I'll play around with it more tonight, but any ideas?
  5. Thanks! Good to know...just ordered one. Tired of using a USB Bluray Drive. Also, I put off upgrading my nForce machine to 10.7 and figured I'd hold off for 10.8....so good to hear on new install guide! Almost 6 years with this machine and it still runs like a champ!
  6. Does this chipset work with Snow Leopard as well or just Lion?
  7. Got it to work with the Kernel Flag solution: <key>Kernel Flags</key> <string>-v arch=x86_64 npci=0x2000</string> But wanted to let you know that in your post, you have the string as "npci=2000" rather than "npci=0x2000". In the explanation you mention npci=0x2000, but you may have just mis-typed it in the string portion. Thanks for the help!! I'm now 100% 64-bit with the correction to the "PCI Configuration Begin" issue....next up, Lion!
  8. eno's nForceLAN.kext worked great for 99% of time. Everything shows up just fine. The issues that I had might be uncommon and it is hard to figure out where the blame it. I have an unRAID server (which runs a modified version of Slackware Linux) sharing out all of my media (including all of my iTunes collection) via SMB and NFS shares. My Mac Mini never has issues using either SMB or NFS shares, but my hackintosh, with eno's kext, would freeze at certain heavy load times when using NFS shares. It never had an issue with SMB shares. When I mention heavy load times, this would be while transferring a 20GB+ file or doing anything with my iTunes library (220GB+ with ~20k songs). Again, oddly, never had an issue with SMB. Since I installed the PCI NIC, I haven't had a single problem with the NFS shares. Like I said, it is probably an uncommon issue, but enough of one for me to look for a better solution. Also, since my NIC works OTB, the decision was made even easier allowing me to dump one more kext. All of this was with using 0.64.5. Of course, 0.64.6 never had a chance....it was way too problematic. 0.64.6 would lose connection, forcing me to bring down the connection and back up again, but 0.64.5 did have the issues with NFS. With that said, is eno still around? That's right! The AppleRTL8169Ethernet.kext is what I remember reading about. Apparently it had been dropped from one of the Lion betas.
  9. Just read through the entire guide! Good job! I've been up and running on my P5N-D for awhile now on 10.6.8, but haven't really tried getting everything running 64-bit since up until recently, ApplenForceATA has been problematic. I'll try getting Lion up and running sometime this week or weekend and will post any success stories. My current specs are in my sig. A question concerning the [PCI Configuration begin] problem: Over this past weekend, I installed a PCI NIC (Rosewill RC-401-EX) since the builtin ethernet using eno's kext was giving me some issues. When I installed this NIC, I saw the [PCI Configuration begin] for the first time. For a moment, I thought my bootup had frozen, but it boot up just fine. It simply wouldn't show any messages after "[PCI Configuration begin]" was shown. I'm assuming I will also have this issue with Lion, so I was going to attempt some of the fixes you mentioned, but what's odd about my situation is that I can still boot and use my machine just fine. [PCI Configuration begin] is the last thing shown on the screen (in verbose mode), but the machine never actually freezes. Had I been in GUI mode for bootup, I would have never noticed this. Any ideas why mine still boots, but other reports are complete freezes?
  10. I wanted to add another PCI NIC known to work OTB. I got tired of eno's nForceLAN causing problems with some NFS shares, causing a long lag before shutdown, etc; so I went out and purchased a Rosewill RC-401-EX. I was going to originally get the Netgear GA311 since I knew it would work, but I read Lion has some issues with it and it now requires an additional kext, but the RC-401-EX works with both SL and Lion OTB. It works great, but I did have an issue with it not showing up as "built-in" and therefore the Mac App Store and other programs had some problems, but this was resolved by adding the Ethernet to my EFI Strings using EFIStudio. The <key>EthernetBuiltIn</key> <string>Yes</string> portion of the com.apple.Boot.plist would not work for me, but EFI Strings did.
  11. I installed yesterday with no problems. My specific setup is my my signature, but both my nForce rig and MSi Wind updated without any issues.
  12. Much testing has been done tonight....with results First, BIOS update went without a problem, but no change on the DSDT compile errors, but that will lead us to the next item. Installed Chameleon RC5pre8 to see if it would solve my shutdown/reboot problems. It didn't . So, I decided to test some more. Thinking the DSDT.aml was the problem, I removed it from /Extra to see if that solved the problem, just putting the CMOS reset bug back into play. It didn't solve the shutdown/reboot problem, but to my surprise, I had no CMOS reset bug either. Is this something RC5pre8 may be solving now? Next - more testing, more fun So, I removed VoodooHDA from /S/L/E and realized I previously had to also install nForceLAN in /S/L/E because it wouldn't load from /E/E even with modified IONetworkingFamily. A couple testing reboots later with both of those out of /S/L/E my machine started rebooting just fine. Long story short on this one, the shutdown/reboot culprit is nForceLAN 0.64.5. It will not load from /E/E, but will load either inside /S/L/E or with a symbolic link (a side note, VoodooHDA will work sym linked to /S/L/E ) So, without nForceLAN loaded, both Ev0reboot and OHR work with shutdown/reboot, with it loaded, problems ensue. I was looking for 0.64.4 or 0.64.3 to see if they would cause the same problem, but eno is only posting the 0.64.5 pkg now. Last test done was with aryajuanda's AppleNForceATA, and it was a no go in 64bit....see attached blurry image We nForce mobo people will put up a fight! I love how you have a G3 with a Sonnet upgrade card. I'm still running strong with a DP533 G4 Graphite PowerMac myself and a Powerbook 1400 w/ Sonnet G3 card I refuse to give up! So close to perfection on this thing I can taste it. Once there, I plan on....
  13. I will try when I get home tonight. I'm assuming this is to possibly get 64bit since there's a comment in the same section saying SATA DVD is still a bad idea? I'll give this a shot too, but because of RaMDaY's comment above, I read up on some more recent changes for Chameleon RC5 that may allow the removal of this style kext. Specifically the change that allows you to put the restart fix inside com.apple.Boot.plist. I have not looked too deep into the VoodooHDA problem since I was just ecstatic that sound was working, but since I posted this, I've been doing some reading. Up to now, VoodooHDA for me needed to be placed in /S/L/E/ due to some dependencies it required that wouldn't allow it to work under /E/E/. I just read about a possible DSDT patch that will allow me to run VoodooHDA from /E/E/. I'm gonna give that a shot, but I still expect the max decibel thing to appear, so I'll see what the cleanup says. Another item I may do is update my BIOS to the latest version. So far, none of the changes since I bought the mobo have been worth it for me to update, but possible code cleanup in more recent versions may allow for a cleaner DSDT compile. I'll check it out tonight. After which I will send you a zipped up version of my DSDT.aml. BTW, thanks for the awesome job and support you have done for nForce mobos! I built this rig 2-3 years ago so that I could have a Windows gaming machine, but I've always been a Mac user dating back to OS 6 days. The mobo served its purpose well for gaming, but when I started looking into the osx86 scene 2 years ago, I regretted not going with an Intel mobo. The continued success of the nForce mobo in Hackintoshes has allowed me to use this machine as my primary for 2 years, and with Steam coming out for Mac soon, I'll be living fine.
  14. Finally got some time to upgrade from 10.5.8 to 10.6.3 this past weekend. I would like to announce success story. The details of my build are in my sig, but I can honestly say that everything is at least 95% to how it was in 10.5.8. The only major item to resolve is the shutdown/reboot issues I am having. I have graphics fully running through the same EFI Strings I used in 10.5.8. I never got any of the inject methods to work with my specific card, only EFI strings. Audio is working with VoodooHDA, but not as well as my 10.5.8 method. VoodooHDA complains about not being able to find the max dbi levels. It works fine for me since my speakers have their own volume control, but with mute/volume all the way down, some sound is still audible. I have tried SATA DVD with the newer Anv AppleNforceATA kext with no success. So far, no better than the slashack kext, but since I have 4GB RAM, I just have to deal with USB DVD for now. After installing 10.6.0 by the guide, I was able to use Software Update to bring everything up to 10.6.3 with no problems. I then did a nice stress test of video encoding that took 12+ hours with both cores maxed at 100% and neither core went over 55C. No system issues at all. Not Prime95, but more "real world." As to the issues with shutdown/reboot. First, I am using OpenHaltRestart.kext. Shutdown takes 3-5 times longer than it should. The OS appears to shut down fine, but the computer stays on for much longer than before (up to a full minute). Now, rebooting is another issue. No matter how long I wait, the machine never reboots. Again, the OS appears to shutdown completely, but the machine itself seems to hang. Some testing indicates it may be an issue with my DSDT.aml. I successfully patched it for the CMOS fix, but if I remove the DSDT.aml file, my shutdowns and reboots go back to normal (of course with my CMOS resetting each time). Not sure if this would have anything to do with it, but I did have to force compile the DSDT.aml due to 5 errors dealing with declaring a name inside a "While loop." Next items to go after will be fixing the shutdown/reboot issue, then getting video and audio working using DSDT if possible. After that, trying to find someone to pay to fix our AppleNforceATA.kext to allow full SATA DVD support and 64bit support.
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    Snow Leopard Retail Guide

    The guide linked on the MyMacNetbook chart for the MSi Wind is completely out dated and installs Leopard rather than Snow Leopard. Haven't looked for a SL guide in the Insanelymac forums because the best guide is a re-write of a guide that use to exist on the old msiwind.net forums before the forums went down. The new guide is on the insanelywind forums and is located below: http://insanelywind.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=41&t=347 There are other guides for other methods of getting SL on the Wind, but this is the easy and straight forward Retail guide. My suggestion over any other methods.