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  1. enigmahack

    [GUIDE] HP Z800 Hackintosh macOS Sierra 10.12.1

    Okay, so I managed to get it 'working' - when I'm running 10.12.2, things are fine except my video. It's not the correct resolution, etc. That's fine. I just figured I would go to 10.12.6 since others have it working and this COMPLETELY kills my USB ports. I've been trying to follow the various guides for troubleshooting USB but I'm having no luck. (And it doesn't help that I'm a complete newbie to this all as well) Anyway, just found it odd that 12.2 is fine, but 12.6 kills USB. I'll keep looking at things when I have time but I'm curious if anyone has any suggestions of a reasonable starting point that I should be looking?
  2. enigmahack

    [GUIDE] HP Z800 Hackintosh macOS Sierra 10.12.1

    For what it's worth, here is my experience so far: I followed the OP's guide in the very first post to the letter. Some of my BIOS options (2 or 3) were named slightly differently but in terms of matching them as closely as I could, that wasn't an issue. Then I started to install the OS after booting. It survived to the installer without any issues, I formatted my SSD to macOS (Journaled, etc) and now it's at 12 minutes remaining according to the installer. So far, so good. *** Time passes *** *** More time passes *** Okay, so here's where I am now: I've done the initial install (took longer than 12 minutes but that's okay) and rebooted off of the SSD. I'm walking through the setup, and there's something I was VERY surprised by - I have an atheros internal mini PCI-E wifi card on this machine since I don't have any ethernet ports nearby. It just WORKED. It didn't want to connect at first, though it was able to see all of the wifi connections. Just hitting next allowed it to connect. (Note - I realized this only after the fact - I have a router that sits between my Korg Kronos and my Computer for FTP file transfers. The computer was detecting this connection and trying to connect on ethernet FIRST and only then would it look at wifi. As soon as I turned off my ethernet, wifi became the priority and was working perfectly. I need to update the priority on this later but that explains why it was failing initially) I'm walking through the rest of the installer right now, I'm surprised as much is working on this already. Nice. Okay, I also have firewire on a PCI-E card and it seemed to detect that too for my external audio interface. Brilliant. The only thing not working initially it seems like is the graphics though I haven't installed my audio interface yet. They're showing 1024x768 for now, but I'm hoping that an update or something I can tweak in clover will fix that. I haven't messed with it too much as of yet. I have a 144hz monitor, we'll see if I can get that working as well. I'm not sure if Mac even supports that, but it's probably worth looking into after the updates. I'm upgrading to 10.12.6, and going to see if there's anything there that'll help. Again, haven't even looked at Clover just yet, I'll see what happens. *** Updated, rebooted *** Well then. I guess I forgot to make the drive bootable... It just sits at "Attempting Boot from Hard Drive". I'll fix that and come back.
  3. enigmahack

    [GUIDE] HP Z800 Hackintosh macOS Sierra 10.12.1

    Hi there SBC-Studios. Firstly - thanks for writing this guide... I have somewhat similar specs as you: MY HW Specification : HP Z800 with BIOS version : 3.60 CPU: x2 4-core X5570 RAM: 24 GB GFX: Radeon HD-6970 SSD: Samsung SSD 840 EVO 250GB I've been trying to get this installed on several of my laptops with little success so hearing that there's a better chance it'll work on my Z800, I'm quite excited. I'm going to take a look at your instructions and try them out this weekend and *fingers crossed* it'll work without too much issue.