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  1. Dimension E310 iAtkos

    @vargas are you using iAtkos v1.0i ? That is the version I used. Maybe use Gparted, wipe the disk totally then start over from step 1. It took me (literally) more than 35 tries installing/wiping/reinstalling etc. before I got a working version. Maybe try to re-download iAtkos and when you burn it, I heard using a slow speed helps sometimes. Also, how far does it get before it reboots? @unique I can't say for certain, but it wouldn't hurt to try. I know that there are a plethora of hardware compatibility lists out there, might want to check those. Chances are, though, it will work seeing as Dell uses the same hardware in most of their models just in different configurations.
  2. Dimension E310 iAtkos

    No no, Vlad -- YOU the man! If it weren't for you I'd never have gotten it working (namely this post). Go team!
  3. Dimension E310 iAtkos

    That's funny because I couldn't get any of the Kallaway versions to work... I tried about 5 different varieties before finally getting the iatkos v1.0i to install...
  4. Dell E310 & GeForce fx 5200 dual screen

    Thanks very much for your assistance... you pointed me in the exact direction I needed to go. I followed up on my original post with what I did to get it working. (http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...mp;#entry820566) Big thanks! w
  5. Dimension E310 iAtkos

    Excellent... finally got dual monitors working!! Hurrah! To get them working, needed to mess with the kexts a bit. Firstly, installed NVinject via the installer http://nvinject.free.fr/downloads.php [NVinject.0.2.0_installer.zip]. Once that was installed I knew where I was and what I was working with. Next I set the DeviceID (0x032210de&0x0000ffff) in all the relevant kexts (NVDAN30Hal.kext, NVDAResman, and NVInject.kext). Once those were set, just needed to set the correct NVCAP in NVinject.kext. Went to /Volumes/[volume]/System/Library/Extensions/NVInject.kext, right/ctrl clicked > show package contents > Contents, then opened Info.plist with a text editor. Down at the NVCAP line made it look like this: <key>NVCAP</key> <data> BAABAAAAAgABAAAAAAAACgAAAAA= </data> rebooted and voila! Both monitors working (not mirrored) and all is right with my Hackintoshio. Mind you, I still don't have audio (I don't think), but for me it's not a requirement nor nearly as important as having both monitors (once you get used to 2 monitors, it's really hard to go back)... Hope this all helps someone.
  6. Dell E310 & GeForce fx 5200 dual screen

    bump... This will be the only bump for this post. I'm quite desperate and would really appreciate any help. Sorry, and thanks.
  7. Hi, I have been working and searching for over 2 weeks now to try and get my hackintosh into a fully functional state.. I have iAtkos v1.0i, GeForce fx 5200 (dual VGA), etc... The install finally went through after about 79 tries, but for the life of me I can not my other monitor to wake up! The closest I came was by editing NVinject.kext and by chance got bothe displays on, but they were mirrored and there was no way to set it to extend instead. I tried editing GeForce.kext, NVDAN30.kext, NVDAResman.kext adding my device ID (0x032210de&0x0000ffff), which left me withan un-bootable system (display: family specific matching fails). Has anyone managed to get their fx 5200 utilizing both monitors with iAtkos 10.5.1? I have tried just about every solution I could find (NVinject, uni, Natit, Titan, et al to no avail... If anyone could lend a hand/offer some advice I would GREATLY appreciate it. I've already spent an awful amount of time trying to get it working, and am afraid I am looking at unemloyment soon if I can't start getting somework done. Best regards, w
  8. Dimension E310 iAtkos

    Hi, I wanted to try and offer help via my experience trying to get my hackintosh working. It took me a good 45 tries, but I have a (mostly) functional PmaC working. Here's how I did it: Get iAtkos (I did it with iAtkos v1.0i), and Gparted; burn them as iso's to discs. Start the machine and hit F12 and select Boot from CDRom... Boot to your iAtkos install. Under the top menu>utilities Open Disk Utilities. Create a SINGLE partition, under options set as MBR, and give the partition a name you'll remember (I used osx, but not important). Apply changes and when it's done exit diskutil. Quit Disk Utility, then Quit the iAtkos installer (it will ask you if you want to reboot, or select a startup drive; just click reboot). Put your Gparted disk in and boot into it. Under the startup options, select to Force VESA driver. Once in there, right click on the partition you created with Disk Utility, and click Manage Flags. Click the Boot check box, and after it's done, quit Gparted (reboot). Throw iAtkos back in there, then boot into it. This time, go through the installer. After you select destination, click the Customize button. Select the first checkbox (main system). Also: Bootloader: Darwin & EFI Nvidia: Nvinject 256mb Network: Intel 10/100 That's it! Only select what's mentioned above (other stuff might work, but if you're as frustrated as I was, this will be plenty as it will leave you with a working system). When it starts to install, it will verify the disk... you can click the skip button here to shave off a few seconds. It will go through the install, and reboot. If all goes well, you will NOT be met with a blinking cursor, but instead a nice (as in working, not aesthetically) Darwin countdown screen. Hit F8 before the countdown finishes, and type the following: cpus=1 -v <enter> It should boot up after some text drifts by, then you'll get a neat-o OS X animation welcoming you in a few languages. Go through the Keyboard setup (if applicable), registration, .mac stuff, user/pass., etc... When finished you should be in! To make things easy on the bootup, let's edit the Boot.plist so you don't have to type in cpus=1 -v everytime you boot. Start up Utilities>Terminal and type the following: sudo nano /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/com.apple.Boot.plist <enter your password> Then in nano, under <key>Kernel Flags</key> enter the following: <string>cpus=1 -v</string> Then hit <CTRL O>, hit Enter, then <CTRL X> Then type sudo reboot. System should shutdown, then reboot into your system and work nicely. The reason you need the cpus=1 is that when both cores are on, it seems to wreak havoc with the mouse and keyboard (ie it is unusably jittery). If anyone has a fix for the cpus problem, please advise. Not currently working: -Dual monitor setup (my card [fx5200] has 2 vga outputs, but I can only get one of the monitors to come on. The second display just sleeps, never wakes up. Tried Detect Displays, but no dice. But, I was able to set the resolution correctly, and Core Image and Quartz Extreme both work fine). If anyone can offer a solution to this, it would be VERY, VERY appreciated!! I tried Natit_uni.pkg, and it hosed the install, so don't try that one (constant loginwindow error). I also tried NVinstaller, didn't hose the install, but didn't work either. -Sound. Haven't tried working on this too much as it's not as important as the dual display, but again if anyone can offer some advice, it'd be really appreciated. Everything else (including network/internet seems to work out of the box I'll update this post as I come across fixes to problems. And would really appreciate any help with the unfunctional parts of the system. Much thanks to all those that made this possible. Great work. Best, wartsolio