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  1. Official Unofficial Cider Game thread

    Anyone know of a way to get DTXMania working under OSX other than using VMware Fusion?
  2. Dell Dimension DIMXPS

    I believe this is the motherboard http://www.blueskyave.com/servlet/the-320/...herboard/Detail Does that help any?
  3. Dell Dimension DIMXPS

    Well I can't seem to find out what motherboard I have. I tried the google, and looked in the manual. The only thing I didn't do was actually open up my computer and look in side, though if I did do that I wouldn't even know where to look. So I guess I'll first do what knewsom suggested. Then if all else fails I'll go the random route. Thank you for your time.
  4. Dell Dimension DIMXPS

    Yeah I guess I'll keep that in mind next time...*notes to self: Forum goers automatically assume you don't look before asking.* Because I can't afford a new computer, so I decided it might be fun to at least install a new OS on it(and I'm a bit too afraid of Lunix).
  5. Dell Dimension DIMXPS

    I'm sorry. I did look at that list, and I did search the forums(I guess because I didn't state this earlier that makes me annoying to all the vets on this forum?). I came up with nothing that's why I posted this call for help. Trust me I looked hard, and the last thing I wanted to do was make a post and ask if anyone could help me out... So yes once again sorry for asking for help.
  6. Dell Dimension DIMXPS

    So is it not possible?
  7. Dell Dimension DIMXPS

    Hello, I have a Dell Dimension DIMXPS that I bought back in July of 2003. I was thinking about installing OSX onto a external drive I have laying around, and was wondering how I would go about doing this on my computer. My computer's specs are: Pentium 4 CPU 3.00GHz 2.00 GB of RAM ATI Radeon 9800 Series Thanks in advance, I hope it's possible to use OSX with my {censored} (top of the line)6 year old computer.