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  1. I have the same machine, and have just updated to 10.5.6 from the iATKOS 10.5.5 disc. To get the onboard sound working, you need to replace AppleHDA.kext with this patched version, delete AppleAzaliaAudio.kext, and also either use this HDAEnabler.kext or an HDEF EFI string. No word on the Gateway cam working as an iSight, but my laptop seems to have a mini-firewire jack right next to the speaker jack. Firewire shows up in System Profiler, although I don't own any firewire peripherals, so I haven't tested it yet. Yours doesn't have firewire? Right now, I'm digging around to see if anyone has done a Silicon Image driver for the eSATA. Both internal SATA ports seem to work wonderfully. The eSATA is apparently on a SiI 3531 chip, though. Other than that, everything seems to be working fine on this thing with 10.5.6. AppleHDA_IDT.zip
  2. No Destination To Select

    In regards to the NT bootloader, the reason for this behavior has been detailed in other threads. Basically, the NT bootloader is handing control to the Darwin bootloader, which then hands it right back. The solution is to add "Timeout"="5" or someother number to your boot.plist so that you have a few seconds to choose your Darwin partition from the Darwin bootloader. Of course, to edit the file you must be able to boot. Various users have found that if you JAM on the F8 key right after you choose Mac OSX from the NT bootloader, it will show the Darwin menu. You really have to hit it fast though, it always took me three or four tries to get it until I added the timeout. In regards to the "No destination" problem, yes, the OSX Disk Utility will fubar your partitions if you use it to set them up. The solution (as you noted) is to create an AF-type partition using some windows-based utility and then format only that partition in the Disk Utility.
  3. Promise controller not working!

    I have two options in BIOS, "RAID" and "ATA". I currently have it set for "ATA". I just downloaded some sort of config utility from promise.com, although I'm not certain that it's the correct one. I will mess around with it. If you could provide a link to the utility you used to configure it properly, that would be very helpful. EDIT: Just to provide more information: When I boot natively from the OSx86 DVD (or from the Darwin 8.01 CD) into single-user mode, there is only one /dev/disk listed, even though I have two physical disks on the SATA. When I type "fdisk /dev/disk0", it tells me "/dev/disk0 is not a valid character device or file". Is it seeing something there, but not having a .kext that it needs? Or is this a dummy device or something? EDIT2: After a somewhat extensive googling session, it seems that quite a few people are having this problem. mac-nipulate, I would very much like to know what utility you used to get it working. One person reported success installing to a USB drive, I might give that a shot. See firedrake's post.
  4. P4C800 Deluxe's SATA works

    Hello. Could anyone from this thread perchance give us some help over in this thread? Myself and the OP both have laptops with Promise SATAs, and according to macgirl, there are no specific extensions loaded, so they should be working. Or, I could have completely misunderstood what you were talking about here. Any help would be appreciated.
  5. Promise controller not working!

    I am also having this problem with my laptop's Promise 378. (Alienware) I booted from the 8F1111 DVD with no problems, but the installer wouldn't recognize any of my drives. When I went to install through vmware, it recognizes all of them. I assume this is because vmware emulates a normal PATA or something. Now I have a bootable partition, but it won't boot natively, only through vmware. There is another thread about SATA that mentions Promise alternately working/not working. I'm going to go post in that thread with a link to this one. Perhaps one of them can shed some light on our quandry.