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  1. Hi is there any new guide for Asus P5Q-E and lion osx???
  2. Hi! Owner of an Asus P5Q-e here! Can someone post a kext for ide hdds because i cannot see them in finder with booting 123 mars cd... An yhelp is apreciated!
  3. hi there! i installed universal snow leopard 3.5 distro to asus p5q-e and i have no icons on the desktop and i cant copy-paste anything on the desktop.i cant right click on the desktop too..i have repaired permissions but nothing happened... at finder i can copy folders and applications or files at the desktop tab but they cannot appear at the desktop... any help?
  4. Snow Leopard on Asus P5Q

    hi there! i installed universal snow leopard 3.5 distro to asus p5q-e and i have no icons on the desktop and i cant copy-paste anything on the desktop.i cant right click on the desktop too..i have repaired permissions but nothing happened... any help?
  5. Hi there! I want to ask some questions! My rig is: Asus P5Q-E E4300 1.8ghz OC at 3.6Ghz. 2x2GB G.skill DDR2 Ram at 1066mhz. Hdd 1 WD raptop 150GB Hdd 2 WD 320GB Sata2 Hdd 3 WD 200GB IDE Dvd Sata Nec MSI 8600Gts 256Mb SoundMax ADI AD2000b. I have installed Leopard 10.5.8 retail. I have some problems and i ll be happy if u can help me! 1)Sleep is not working.restart and shutdown sometimes work and sometimes dont. 2)Restart and shutdown sometimes work and sometimes dont. 3)One more problem is that sometimes computers freezes and says that it wants to restart...Most times when i unzip or copying big files....Why is that??I dont think that is the overclocking because at windows 7 all working just fine and never freezes.....Any solution please?cause every time it freezes i am loosing all the work i did before and all the files utorrent has downloaded..... 4)What is the best driver for my sound card Ad200b? I have creative inspire 5.1 speakers but 5.1 surround sound doesnt work... I have tried HDAapple.kext but 5.1 doesnt not work. Now i am using voodooHD.kext but true sourround is not working either. The speakers are working now but they all play the same sounds...Any fix for this? All the others are working fine! Thnks for the wonderfull guide!!!
  6. Hi guys! My Pc specs are: Asus P5Q-E Intel E4300 1.8Ghz @ 3.3Ghz 2x2 G.Skill DDr2 @1066Mhz. Nvidia 8600GTS 256Mb DVD sata SATA HDD 150 raptop SATA HDD 320 WD IDE HDD 250 WD I have Ideneb 1.4 Distro Leopard Mac OSX 10.5.6 installed and all working properly. I just wanna ask u if i update my system with the Default Apple software update to 10.5.7 i ll have any problems...?Cause if i have i dont want to try it cause i am not so good with mac and problems! Is there any other update file to download for ideneb 1.4?? Thnks in advance for ur answers!!
  7. Has anyone tried to update to 10.5.7 via apple software udate on Ideneb 10.5.6 and asus p5q-e???
  8. 7000 series GPU has full CI/QE?
  9. Working for 730i/9300geforce chipset??
  10. 1)I have installed AppleviaAta driver from ur post.I have 2 hdd SATA.The first is the one that i installed Mac and vista dual boot(working just fine) and the second one has 3 partitions NTFS and no OS in it.I have installed too MACFUSE and NTFS-3g but they cant regognize the partitions of the HDD.Here is a photo so u ll understand better. Any solution? 2)As for the mouse i have installed intellipoint driver from microsoft and steermouse and set it to maximum speed but it is still very very slow.can u send me a link for the fix cause i cant find it on post#1.Thnks!!
  11. hi there! I installed idened 1.4 with this wonderfull guuide and i have some questions! 1)MAc cant see my 2nd sata HDD who is full of movies and music.Its NTFS.3 partitions.Is there any solution? 2)I have microsoft mouse and intelli point mac isntalled and a program named steermouse.All settings to maximum speed but the mouse is still very very slow.Any fix for this? 3)i have a usb dolge bluetooth from msi.any driver? thnsk for ur answers!
  12. ATI mobility X1300/X1400 -only

    Can u pls tell me how did u manage to run 1400x1050 resolution pls?? I just want 1280x800 but i cant find an way to run it...
  13. anyone can give me proper driver for fujitsu siemens amilo pi1536 with alc880 chip?? The azalia one is giving me sound only for lineout and internal speakers not workng.pls hep me.
  14. ATI mobility X1300/X1400 -only

    so is there any solution to change ati x1400 resoluton o a laptp...I want it badly cause my aptop has 1280x800 nativereolution and now its using 1024x768 and this is hurting my eyes..Pls help me...
  15. Leo4Allv3

    Hi there guys! This is my first post in forum and first try with MAC OS x86 project... I would like to thnk u for the great work u are doing! Now,i have questions pls: 1)I have Fujitsu Siemens pi1536 with ATI X1400 mobility graphic card!Can anyone help me change the resolution and refresh rate to native 1280x800 60Hz?Cause with the 1024x768 the fonts are difficult to read and my eyes are hurting me after an hour at laptop...I think its because the resolution is not set at native of the lcd panel.And is there any way to get rid of the artifacts with the mouse?I dont care for games.I just use my laptop to see movies and listen to music. 2)My internal speakers of the laptop are not working.IF i want to hear to music i must connect external speakers or earphones..why is that? Thnks for ur answers and again a BIG THNKS for ur great try!!