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  1. Not a problem I didn't think that posting a warning with a fix would be sketchy but I understand where everyone is coming from, just trying to help out a little bit.
  2. #include <stdio.h> int main (void) { int in; printf("Welcome to Mac OS X\nPlease select a shell:\n1 - BASH\n2 - TCSH\n3 - CSH\n4 - KSH\n5 - Exit\nWhich shell would you like? "); scanf("%d", &in); if(in == 1) { system("clear"); system("bash"); } else if(in == 2) { system("clear"); system("tcsh"); } else if(in == 3) { system("clear"); system("csh"); } else if(in == 4) { system("clear"); system("ksh"); } else if(in == 5) return 0; return 0; } There ya go, compile it yourself if you'd like.
  3. check out http://secunia.com/advisories/18963/ there is the possibility of safari executing malicious code remotely. One workaround is to turn of "Open Safe Files" the problem I had with that is a user may try to open the file anyway so I created a workaround. It is a program that a user would set as there shell that gives a a list of shells to use and would prevent the execution of any "Terminal File" without entering a shell. All you need to do is put the "selector" file where you would like it(I put it in /bin). Then open the terminal and go to the preferences window and where it allows you to execute a command upon opening enter the path of the selector file. The source code is very very simple so if anybody is interested let me know. I'll attach a copy of this program for anyone who would like to use it. selector.zip
  4. Well on my PowerBook I find that safari is alot less lagey with beam sync disabled and quartz 2D enabled.
  5. Looks like apple just added 2.16Ghz upgrade to its line up....I don't think I'd pay an extra $300 for it though.
  6. x86 Xbench Results Thread

    Why is the processor score so low with xbench, vecLib seems especially low...I guess apple was right Intel cant compete with AltiVec. The real question is should these xbench results be trusted as accurate? What about some real world benchmarks...I guess it may be too early and not enough unibins for that but does anyone think xbench is cheating us?
  7. Hey everyone this is my first post. I would like to put a pc together to run 10.4.3 but the one dilema I am having is deciding on a mother board. I'm looking at the Intel D945GTPLKR and the Intel D915GUX or maybe the Asus P5GV-MX. Anybody have any recomendations for motherboards, any advice would be appreciated. Thanks