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  1. Hi @MaLd0n! Would you like to check my system running High Sierra 10.13.6 (17G4015) Motherboard Arock Z97 Extreme4 Proc i7-4790 16GB Ram EVGA GTX 780 Ti Thanks. .Send me Highways-iMac.zip
  2. Many thanks to this excelent guide bilbo... Now Im on 10.13.3 using HP Z820 Dual Xeon E5 2650 V1, Asus Strix GTX 980 Ti... everything looks great, except native USB3 and firewire (I dont use it).
  3. macKriz

    Ozmosis modded BIOS Repository

    Hi. I need the Bios modded for my Asrock Z97 Extreme4, Currently official Bios version 2.50 http://www.asrock.co...ownload&os=BIOS Thanks.
  4. Thanks for the guide. Update BIOS to Version 2.50 from Asrock, no necessary that procedure.
  5. macKriz

    Asus nVidia GeForce 210 1GB DDR3 Working!

    Clover config.plist <key>Graphics</key> <dict> <key>Inject</key> <dict> <key>ATI</key> <false/> <key>Intel</key> <false/> <key>NVidia</key> <true/> </dict> <key>NvidiaSingle</key> <false/> </dict> got this on System Information (10.11.6) Gigabyte GeForce 210: Chipset Model: Gigabyte GeForce 210 Type: GPU Bus: PCIe PCIe Lane Width: x4 VRAM (Total): 1024 MB Vendor: NVIDIA (0x10de) Device ID: 0x0a65 Revision ID: 0x00a2 ROM Revision: 70.18.8A.00.06 Displays: AAA: Resolution: 1920 x 1200 @ 60 Hz Pixel Depth: 32-Bit Color (ARGB8888) Main Display: Yes Mirror: Off Online: Yes Rotation: Supported
  6. macKriz

    [How To] GMA900 with QE and CI support on Leopard.

    no beauty like saw a nice translucent menu bar on gma900!!! thanks to you all... pentium m 730 1GB ram 80GB Hdd gma900
  7. macKriz

    Your Next Computer

    i'll buying a pizza and share with loki...
  8. macKriz

    x86 Xbench Results Thread

    Results 56.22 System Info Xbench Version 1.3 System Version 10.4.8 (8L2127) Physical RAM 1024 MB Model ACPI Drive Type TOSHIBA MK8025GAS CPU Test 53.58 GCD Loop 206.44 10.88 Mops/sec Floating Point Basic 46.08 1.09 Gflop/sec vecLib FFT 34.55 1.14 Gflop/sec Floating Point Library 52.17 9.08 Mops/sec Thread Test 80.90 Computation 60.74 1.23 Mops/sec, 4 threads Lock Contention 121.08 5.21 Mlocks/sec, 4 threads Memory Test 75.68 System 84.04 Allocate 85.60 314.33 Kalloc/sec Fill 74.79 3636.42 MB/sec Copy 93.95 1940.46 MB/sec Stream 68.83 Copy 61.97 1279.95 MB/sec Scale 62.63 1293.93 MB/sec Add 77.11 1642.54 MB/sec Triad 76.68 1640.30 MB/sec Quartz Graphics Test 70.89 Line 62.99 4.19 Klines/sec [50% alpha] Rectangle 74.11 22.13 Krects/sec [50% alpha] Circle 70.74 5.77 Kcircles/sec [50% alpha] Bezier 83.99 2.12 Kbeziers/sec [50% alpha] Text 66.12 4.14 Kchars/sec OpenGL Graphics Test 161.60 Spinning Squares 161.60 205.00 frames/sec User Interface Test 160.56 Elements 160.56 736.90 refresh/sec Disk Test 18.61 Sequential 31.84 Uncached Write 24.06 14.78 MB/sec [4K blocks] Uncached Write 28.56 16.16 MB/sec [256K blocks] Uncached Read 55.40 16.21 MB/sec [4K blocks] Uncached Read 32.26 16.21 MB/sec [256K blocks] Random 13.15 Uncached Write 4.43 0.47 MB/sec [4K blocks] Uncached Write 25.97 8.31 MB/sec [256K blocks] Uncached Read 48.20 0.34 MB/sec [4K blocks] Uncached Read 51.19 9.50 MB/sec [256K blocks] its pentium m 730J my harddisk is a lazyboy...
  9. macKriz

    Autodesk Maya 8.5 is out and UNIVERSAL!

    i wait 3dsmax for mac....
  10. macKriz

    New SSE3 build (sf3) (update: sf9)

    when you got to go... you got to go...
  11. macKriz

    Tested Applications, Games, etc.

    combustion with 4.0.4_font_fix works very very nice on 10.4.8 (8.8.1) qt 7.1.3 & iTunes 7.0.2 works like a charm thanks to semthex for great s5 kernel sse2 thanks to paulicat for great "how to..." thanks to sobersho for guide to sse2 thanks to ppl in this community... pentium m 730 (sse2) ram 1 gb vga intel gma900
  12. macKriz

    Frontrowpass.kext anywhere?

    enjoy it with frontrow 1.3.... it's very nice
  13. macKriz

    Frontrowpass.kext anywhere?

    Try this link Hope it stil there...
  14. macKriz

    Tested Applications, Games, etc.

    I loading it under Rosetta it worked almost endless, little bit slow, like previous version 4.0.3. At least it worked....