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  1. Hardware: Gigabyte GA-EG31m-S2 Core 2 Duo E8400 2 Gigs RAM ATI X1950XT (working after inserting device ID into ATI kexts) I have installed SleepEnabler.kext, which DOES get the system to sleep. Unfortunately, when I bring it out of sleep, the HD activity light stays lit, the system hangs, and the USB mouse dies. I have a PS2 keyboard. The Console doesnt give me anything that would indicate whats causing this, and Ive tried some of the usual suspects such as removing VoodooHDA.kext, disabling Legacy USB etc. So, now what?
  2. 805 acts like crap when CPUS=2

    I idle at 32, load at 42, but Im on water. For air, Zalman 9500, Thermaltake Big Typhoon, anything like that will work wonders. If youre case doesnt flow though, it will stifle your temps.
  3. Go with an OCZ, or a Fortron
  4. It really doesnt matter what youre running, since OC'ing deals more with the BIOS, not OS itself. If I were you, I would do a few things 1. Ditch the PSU, it cant support an 805 at anything over 3.3 really. 2. Dont mix the Kingston and Crucial. One or the other... 3. Let the SPD determine the clocks for the ram, dont try to set them yourself unless you really know what youre doing
  5. No, its because your board sucks. The -VM cant clock worth {censored}. Ive got the P5LD2 plain, and mine runs stable at 4.4Ghz (Vcore mod needed!). Tom's hardware couldnt do it, because they wouldnt know what a good overclock was if it bit them in the ass They did it with an insanely high amount of Vcore too. Vcore that wasnt needed. Id put that chip to last about 2 weeks like they were running it. The people at Tom's are idiots
  6. borisbadenov ATI X1000-series Solution

    True, too much heat can cause them, but I get them from any higher clock speed on my core or memory, and its no where near hot. It doesnt even break 50*C actually. I wonder if the drivers can only handle it up to a certain point or something, because, when I push too far, I usually start getting driver errors resulting in either a hard lock, or a VPU recover...
  7. borisbadenov ATI X1000-series Solution

    Just a thought... I believe the Macbook/Pro/iMac have the Mobility chipset in them dont they? I seem to recall reading this somewhere, backed up by the fact that someone else I read after said that his iMac, using Winblows and ATITool, reported speeds at 300/300, or something like that (core/mem). Now, Im running my core at 680 (100mhz overclock in Windows) and 800 mem (110mhs overlock in Windows). Im wondering if the artifacts and stuff doesnt stem from the fact that the stock speeds are considered overclocked by OSX? Possibly? Anyone?
  8. borisbadenov ATI X1000-series Solution

    Would this also include the DVI out?
  9. passive cooler

    +1 on the Zalman. Keeps mine at 4.0 to under 60*C. I seriously doubt youre going to get away with passive cooling on an 805, even at stock speeds. Its a well known fact that the Smithfield core doubles as a great space heater
  10. Overclocking Problem

    Ill refer you to this on the single vs. dual issue http://www.ocforums.com/showthread.php?t=391777 To summarize, its better to have all the power on one rail, rather than two, especially when overclocking. Its no secret that an overclocked 805 is extremely power hungry. The general opinion around the PC enthusiast community is single with higher amps is better, and Ive found this to be my experience as well. If youre running a 375W at 3.6Ghz, Id imagine that youre pushing the limits of that PSU pretty well. Ive got a 550W, and its pretty taxing at 3.6, worse at 3.8, and extremely bad at 4.0. As far as the bug on the -VM board, that would make me extremely uneasy if I had a GPU plugged into that slot. It would make me uneasy anyway As far as temps, this is a Smithfield based core, and its no secret (again) that they double as great space heaters At 4.0 with my Zalman, I idle at 42, and hit load at 60 (and its dropping because my AS5 is still being broken in...). Half of the reason is because I have a full ATX case with great airflow (and noise obviously, but thats not a deal breaker). My MoBo as I type this is 32, with an ambient temp of 25C. Here again, good airflow is of great proportion to your ability to overclock successfully.
  11. Overclocking Problem

    Well, the short of it is, if you cant go over 159, you simply cant. Youve hit the limit of that chip. Aside from that bit, the -VM apparently isnt quite up to spec of the P5LD2, since alot of people are having this problem with the -VM board. Also, it could be your memory thats holding you back as well. Theres lots of variables that go into a good overclock, so much so that I think its more of an art than a science.
  12. Overclocking Problem

    Thats better. My MoBo is sitting at 34C right now.
  13. Overclocking Problem

    Dude, your MoBo is cooking, might want to get some fans on that ASAP
  14. Overclocking Problem

    Twin 12v is a definite no-no with the 805. You want a single rail, with good amperage. I think that might explain why youre unstable at 3.8Ghz. Ive got mine running 4.0Ghz on air right now. Also, upping the PCI-e bus frequency does nothing for framerates or graphics performance. You really need to lock it at 100 (the default), and also lock the PCI at 33.3 when you start overclocking with the P5LD2 boards. At 125, youre really running the risk of frying the graphics card