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  1. I have a P5W DH in my G5 case upside down and I have no cooling problems at all. The heatpipe works perfect, so that's not a problem.
  2. After al lot of PM's about my mod I'll post some more resent pictures: I forgot to connect the CCFL's under the mirror to the powersupply. The 'D' and the 't' are glowing but that's because of the light fall in the room. There is new hardware in it, a P5W DH Deluxe, OCZ Platinum PC8000 and a Core 2 Duo E6600. But at the moment the motherboard is on RMA because it died. (might because of a voltmod :censored2: ) But I'll have a new one at the end of this week :censored2: .
  3. Pimp My Mac(tel)

    In the last post of that topic (my post) I think it's clear that it's a real G5. I think you didn't scroll down far enough.
  4. Pimp My Mac(tel)

    In this topic click you can see how i did it. Thanks for the nice reactions!
  5. I'll try to explain how i put in the mainboard and the powersupply. I started with a G5 case and a rear of a normal case (how do you call that in English?). I made a howl in the rear of the case so i could put in the normal rear. I fastened it in the original screw holes. (I also modded the normal rear so i could put in 2 80mm fans.) For the powersupply i made a kind of brace out of plastic. (I don't know how to explian it exactly in english) My English ain't very good I'm srry for that. I'm 16 and still learning english at school(I'm Dutch).
  6. Pimp My Mac(tel)

    Thanks for the nice reactions The case it self costed 45 euro (+/-54 dollar).I bought it form a reseller. The other things such as CCFLs, Fans costed about 50 euro (+/-60dollar). So that's 95 euro intotal wish is about 110 Dollar.
  7. Pimp My Mac(tel)

    Nice mod guys! Here is my case, it's not jet finished. I'll still have to do some little things. What do you think about my modded PowerMac G5?
  8. Heey, I'm also building a Pentium 4 into a PowerMac G5 case. It's nearly finished, I only have to do some little thing such as the powerbutton an USB at the front of the case. Here are some pics: (My english may be not so good but that's because I'm from the Nethelands)