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  1. Best Case

    Antec P180. One thing is that it's definitely not small or discrete, but it is clean lined, easy to access, and you can house a small family inside one, which means that there is almost nothing that won't fit in terms of CPU cooling. This, along with the use of composites and plastics for the enclosure rather than steel or aluminium, and the excellent speed adjustable case fans means you can render the machine as near completely silent as you can get, even using relatively cheap components. In terms of its sheer capacity, features and build quality it's almost certainly the best value you can get. Oh, it also comes with special grommets to cut down in HD and optical drive noise and even a special little place for storing all the bits, bobs, screws etc.
  2. Making my first PC...

    If you're looking for a really compatible OS X machine, you're better off with an Intel processor to start with. Next, you're better off with an Intel based chipset/board (I currently use an Intel 915GEV with a Pentium 630). You're also better off with on-board graphics, like those on my board. Third party graphics cards need careful research to ensure they will actually work with Apple's supplied drivers. I assume that you've researched your LAN card to ensure compatibility? HDDs make no odds, although IDE will nearly always work, SATA is less likely to be compatible (more research needed!). RAM should make no odds at all so long as the motherboard board works with OSX - I never buy anything other than the cheapest I can lay my hands on and I've yet to have a RAM related problem. The best DVD drives for compatibility in my experience are from Pioneer. Others can cause all sorts of issues, including an inability to even install OSX.
  3. ASUS P4S800

    It depends what install of OS X you are using. 10.4.1 works here, but there's no on board audio (shoved in an old Creative CT4810 to solve that) or on board SATA. 10.4.3 works, but with no audio (same fix), LAN (shoved in a Realtek 8139 based card to solve that) or SATA. Since the machine has no SATA drives, the lack of SATA support is no loss to me. I've yet to try 10.4.4, 10.4.5 or 10.4.6. Update: 10.4.5 works. Oddly, including the onboard ethernet.