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  1. Do you remember that extension wich makes the System 7 looks like the 8? Wow... Good times...
  2. Where can i get leopard?

    You can call Apple for a new DVD. They change the DVD and the manuals for any language, worldwide.
  3. GA-EP35-DS3P & NVIDIA 8500 Silent magic

    It's nice to hear that the Gforce is running great! I love that GFX, not expensive and relatively fast, and has support in OSX I'm using the V. 27 of SMSBIOS. But the shutdown/Restart issue is fixed with the hacked AppleACPIPlatform. Use that one, it should work. Don't forget to repair the permissions and delete de kext cache... Are you using DVI ou VGA port form your 8500?
  4. GA-EP35-DS3P & NVIDIA 8500 Silent magic

    My mobo is an Abit IP35-E, almost the same chipset then yours. My Graphics Card is a Gforce 8500GT, QE e CI ok. I have two installations, running perfect. One is an EFI using the retail DVD (running about 4 months with no errors) I´ ve installed it with this guide. I´ve changed some kexts to make everything works. My Ethernet adapter doesn´t work, so I have copied the IONetworking from Kalyway. The audio works after patching the original Apple HDA. I´m using a patched SMSBIOS to fix the reboot and shutdown issue. The Gforce worked fine using latest NVinject but using the OpenGL from Kalyway. My other instalation is a Kalyway, that I uses as a utiliy one, to fix some error... Kalyway is a good instalation too. Easy and fast.
  5. Is ahackintosh usable as a daily computer?

    Since the first rumors about running OSX on x86 platforms, I´m using the Apple system as the main OS on my PC. Back to the 10.4.3 issue, when those guys made a smooth instalation, I´ve changed my real Mac to a hackintosh. I´m used to work with a G4 MacMini, and in the time for a upgrade I decided to buy the hardware to install the OSX86. In that time, the new hack was 3 or 4 times faster than the Mini, and it ran the 10.4.3 smooth and with no errors, just like a dream. That Hackintosh worked hard due now, when the Leopard came. Then I´ve changed all the hardware to build an up to date Hack, and is still running smooth. That computer is my main computer, for work and home. I´m very happy with that solution. BTW, my configuration is: Core 2 Duo E4500 @ 3.03Ghz (overclock rules!!) Abit IP35-E 3G Ram HDs Sata (perfectly running) DVD-RW Sata Gforce 8500GT (perfectly running) Fravin, missing the 10.4.1 and all that terminal work....
  6. I have a XFX Gforce 8500GT, working great with QE and CI enabled, with that guide, it worked with no changes.
  7. Creating a USB Installation disk ?

    From your Mini, you can restore the DVD image directly to the USB disk. If the partition is formated in the mac format, you will not loose other data on the hard drive. It's also possible to restore the dvd image to a pen drive.
  8. HY LS8, Your guide have worked for me. I have an Abit IP35-E, wich has almost the same specifications than your Gigabyte. Your MOBO is particularly very usual here in Brazil, but I've read your post too late. The IP35-E is very nice, with good overclock options, I'm in love with it. Everything goes almost good. I needed to install the Marvell driver from the Kalyway disc (what a suberb work). The sound worked with in-out after installing new kexts. The GForce 8500 GT worked with no need to install new drivers. The only thing that I can't understand is that my second hard drive is not appearing in the system. I have 3 sata devices, two hard drives and one DVDRW. The DVD and one HDD is working but the third is missing. I don't know what kext to load, or what to do. In the Kalyway install the 3 devices are working. Could you help me? Core 2 Duo E4500 @ 3.02 (overclocked ) ABIT IP35-E 2GB RAM GForce 8500GT 2x 160Gb HDD Samsung DVDRW (sata)
  9. abit ip35-e install help

    I have success installing the Kalyway 10.5.1 in my system. Then I've upgraded with Kaly's combo update to 10.5.2, the system is prety stable, the onboard sound is working with all jacks, network is working in 100 mbit, 1000mbit not tested. The shutdown appears not to be working. Sometimes it really shutdown the computer, or it just put the computer to sleep. The GForce 8500GT is working prety fast, but only in VGA out. For those who can't install, some tips:- First of all, get a SATA DVD an a SATA HDD. IDE doesn't work.- Disable in Bios the Jmicron. Disable the IDE Controller in bios. Remove every cabble from it. And forget it. Use only SATA devices.- Disable all thermal controllers from the Bios.- You can only use 2G of RAM with this MOBO, don't try to use more. With 4G, the system turns too unstable, giving you some sporadic kernel panics. With 3G the network appears to disconnect every 30 minutes of heavy ethernet use. Use 2G and be happy.- Using the Kalyway DVD you should have no problems to boot.I'm trying to install an EFI today. Hope to do a succesfull install.ABIT IP35-ECore2Duo E4500 @ 3.02Mhz2Gb Ram GForce 8500GT (QE and CI Working, only VGA)2x 160Gb Sata HDSata DVDThis guide have helped me to install.http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=84898Take a read and good luck!
  10. That strange network behavior is due the RAM size. If you use more than 2G of RAM, the Onboard Network will lose the connection. I resolved it removing two of the four memory modules.
  11. The Jmicron are allready disabled. It's possible that the Over Clock is making the system unstable?
  12. I succesfully installed the Kalyway 10.5.1 DVD on my system, everithing is appear to be working, including the Gforce 8500GT. The system is running very fast, but in stress conditions the system hangs, asking to turn off the Mac. When I was burning a DVD with Toast 9, the system hang. Strangely, the same screen appears when I,m Shutting Down the computer. It doesn't appear when restart. There's some instability issues known? I've searched the forum and found some minor topics. Fravin Core 2 Duo 4500 @ 3.02Ghz Abit IP 35-E 4 Gb DDR2 Gforce 8500GT (With QE and CI)
  13. Getting closer - An ATI graphics guide

    I'm considerig to buy a x1650 PRO from Saphire. Will it run with CI/QE ??? What should I do with de kexts?
  14. Is it possible?

    Hey people! I'm running MacOS X86 in my Hackintosh since the initials trials back to the 10.4.3. As a veteran Mac user, I decided to try this Hackintosh stuff when wondering change my old G4 MacMini. And then, I'm very happy with my machine. It's a Dual Core Pentium D using a 945 Intel Mobo with 4G Ram and two 160Gb Disks. The possibilities of using large Ram amount and using large and faster Hard Drives instead of the Core Duo MacMini make my head. So I'm a happy Hackintosh user so far. But I was thinkig about hardware monitoring in a homebrew Mac. In the last years using a genuine Mac I used some programs that gives me online reports of the CPU temp, Hard Disk qouta... And I tried some with my Hackintosh and none works. Do you know a program that will work? Pentiun D 3.0Ghz Intel 945GTP (GMA 950) 4G RAM 2x 160GB Sata2 Thanks!
  15. Intel PRO/100 VE NIC

    Thanks Caladan! It have worked for me, but I've aded the Device string on the info.plist first. Then, everything has worked as suposed to be! Thanks!