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  1. Clover won't run on ssd.

    Thank you for your help mendietinha. I was just about to ask if it was possible my system doesn't support EUFI booting when you posted J Lamp. Your advice worked. Thanks a lot everyone.
  2. Clover won't run on ssd.

    Ye the EFI partition is fat-32
  3. Clover won't run on ssd.

    The path for what? The only difference between the usb and the ssd is the usbs is not journaled.
  4. Clover won't run on ssd.

    Presumably I have but will check.
  5. Clover won't run on ssd.

    Ye tried that. It's the only option with HD in the string as the rest are usb. Then tried removing entries and then tried in plugging every other drive but my ssd. Is it possible that the format of the drive is the cause? I always format journaled as I don't use any other OS X but I'll have to check.
  6. Clover won't run on ssd.

    Yes I've tried that from clover on the usb and selected it in my bios as boot drive. Just get blinking underscore
  7. Clover won't run on ssd.

    You mean the " add Clover EFI boot options for all entries" ?
  8. Clover won't run on ssd.

    Hey sorry no that hardware is old, on iPhone so doesn't show. I can't remember my hardware off top of my head. But I'll post later. Is there any reason copying all files from the EFI of the working clover to the EFI of a newer version of clocer on my ssd wouldn't work?
  9. got a strange one. My system works perfectly, sound, network, sleep etc. I'm not stranger to getting hardware to work within OS X but it's the EUFI stuff that I'm struggling with. I'm trying to install clover to my main ssd. I can only boot into clover using a Yosemite install usb stick I created months ago. I've just updated to El Capitan and decided it's time to be able to boot without the usb stick. I've copied the EUFI settings and kexts over to my ssd's EUFI. I've activated the partition. still no luck. I just don't understand what's so special about this memory stick? Any ideas? Thanks guys
  10. Managed to install 10.6.0 but its buggy and i'm not happy. Have you managed to update?
  11. It was the HDMI which is good that it works but i'm a bit annoyed I cant use my 32" samsung to watch movies whilst I browse the web etc Also does your DSDT allow you to press power button and power menu comes up on the mac? I've heard its meant to do stuff like that but at the moment I don't see any evidence of the dsdt doing anything.
  12. Hey, fixed the waiting for route device problem by putting snow leopard on sata0 and installing "most comprehensive waiting for route device fix" which I found in easy efi's chameleon RC5 but the kext can be found elsewhere. Now my problem is blank screen after grey apple startup screen. I have a 9800 gt 1gb with dvi/dvi . and on second dvi i have a dvi to hdmi cable. Read alot on this problem and think an its the hdmi cable causing blank screen but can't test until I get home. I have no experience with DSDT.aml files, what does the one you included in your tutorial contain?
  13. Got the installer to load but it couldn't see my internal drives, presume this is to do with the AHCI? Mines intel ich9r. Had to install to usb drive and can boot but still no internal drives. Cloned over to an internal drive using my 10.5.8 install and get still waiting for route device. Any ideas on either?
  14. Hey, wondering if you can help me here. I've followed your tutorial but I am getting "Unable to find driver for this platform: "ACPI" kernel panic whilst trying to boot the installation disc. I've looked everywhere. Thanks in advance.