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  1. What languages do you speak?

    I speak: English, Hindi & Punjabi.
  2. Thanks a ton for your reply.
  3. Ok, my config: AMD Athlon 5200 X2+ Asus M2A-VM(I checked the HCL at the mentioned wiki in the newbie MAC FAQ and it works fine with leo4all v3) Samsung Sata Based DVD-RW nVidia 8600GT(Drivers available, link given in HCL) Now, the problem is that my dvd-rw is Sata based while at HCL it says the driver is for iDE. But it also says you can change the setting in BIOS from Sata Controller to AHCI, should work then, right? I'll be installing Leo4All v3 and at HCL, my motherboard tab says for "EFI/Vanilla kernel working" - N/A. So, is it like i just have to burn the ISO to a dvd, insert it and boot it and just continue installing? No need to mess with any cmd prompt or anything? Those were some of my questions, i hope you guys help me out.
  4. The Newbies FAQ to Mac OSx86

    Awesome tutorial, it has made me a bit more confident in installing MAC on my PC and really sorted out some of my issues. Hats off 2 u.