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  1. Network Solution for Leopard

    After 3 weeks of buying and trying these cards, I gave up, even when working all of them drop connection or hang my machine when heavy traffic, these are the one I've tried and didn't work: Realtek 8169S Realtek 8139D nforce400 nforce780i and couple of wireless, supposed to be supported OB. So, after trying everything and spending lot of money I found that this simple soulution works great, no drops under heavy traffic, good bandwith and cheap!!, and the best of all, suported OB!!! for real! http://store.apple.com/1-800-MY-APPLE/WebO...usb+to+ethernet I'm glad I don't have to be worry about this anymore!
  2. I'm having another problem.. under heavy use it stops working. using leopard 1.5.2
  3. 780i fresh install

    Same motherboard here, Installed Hallyway 1.5.2 AMD_INtel, and I got problem with my network card when heavy traffic.. I got sound working, no usb or firewire.
  4. Marvell Yukon 8001 - the driver

    Just for clarification, I haven't seen this posted anywhere... When you say to change xxxxxxxAB for the one corresponding to your card manufacturer, I get confused because that string shows twice, should it be changed only the first ocurrence? or in the 2 of them?, can somebody please post a running "Info.plist" as an example? key>IOKitDebug</key> <integer>65535</integer> <key>IOMatchCategory</key> <string>skge</string> <key>IOPCIMatch</key> <string>0x432011AB 0x170010B7 0x4C001186 0x43201148 0x435111AB 0x4B011186</string> <key>IOProviderClass</key> <string>IOPCIDevice</string> <key>IOResourceMatch</key> <string>IOKit</string> <key>Model</key> <string>Yukon-88E8001</string> <key>RxRingSize</key> <integer>256</integer>
  5. Marvell Yukon 8001 - the driver

    Hi, Thanks for you help I got the D-Link DGE-530T running in a EVGA 780i with a Q6700, I modify the number and installed the driver as instructed. I got this message: Matching service count = 1 skgeosx::probe(ethernet) skgeosx::start(ethernet) <1> skgeosx: SKGE for OSx86 v0.2e ---- M.Musashi ©2007 skgeosx: VendorID:1186 DeviceID:4b01 Rev:11 skgeosx: board is Yukon-Lite skgeosx: registerWithPolicyMaker skgeosx: setPowerState state 1 Is this right? should I get more/another info here? I've been having some inestability/hang issues with my system and I want to discard that the problem is the network card, although this happens when I'm downloading with heavy traffic... Thanks for your input! Richard.
  6. Hi, this is the link for the bios for the EVGA 780i Thanks for all your help!! http://www.evga.com/download/bios/NF78_P04.bin Thanks again!!