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  1. doom1942

    [GUIDE] Lenovo T460 macOS with Clover

    Hi Everyone, Has anyone tried turning FileVault on? If so any lessons learned? Should i expect no problems? Note: Running the latest git release with the latest osx. Thanks in advance.
  2. doom1942

    [GUIDE] Lenovo T460 macOS with Clover

    Hello Everyone, I have been following this thread for quite a while and just wanted to say I finally mustered up the courage to nuke my machine. I cannot stress how useful the information and files provided are. As someone with previous Hackintosh experience, my previous attempts on laptops involved a lot more work, with far lesser results. I am happy to report that I have a dual boot Windows 10 x64 w/ Bitlocker and Hackintosh 10.13.3, working flawlessly! I am using a rtl8188eu usb right now, but I will be sticking in a Wifi card and an extra 8GB stick in shortly. Thanks again!
  3. doom1942

    [GUIDE] Lenovo T460 macOS with Clover

    Hello, I know this is quite the ask. But i was wondering if anyone had an entire HDD image for this build so i could test it? Thanks in advance.