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  1. Radeon R9 270X framebuffer issue

    Bingo!! This is fuc*$%@ awesome!
  2. Radeon R9 270X framebuffer issue

    Soooo.... I change my video card. I get this. http://www.msi.com/product/vga/R9-270X-GAMING-2G.html A genuine 270X with OC and a BIG X and the device id is really 6810. But the Mavericks dont start anymore. I'll post a photo with my phone. I try to start with -v -f -x UseKernelCache=No. and no video flags. I think that if I enter in the system and use your easy install. I´ll have a great chance of everything working. PS. is a {censored} english, i know
  3. Radeon R9 270X framebuffer issue

    I had such great hope and My chamaleon have no flags for video. But, I really appreciate your generosity and help. But nothing happened and now I do not even know why. If you want to take a vacation here in Brazil, you are my guest. I live in Rio de Janeiro! Thank you so much by trying.
  4. Radeon R9 270X framebuffer issue

    in AMD7000Controller.kext was easy... but with the DSDT injector I no have ideia. I´ll try to change my video card, because she was sold like a 270x Video card. Is an 270 OC edition with dual fan, but i think that video card is more weak than 270x.
  5. Radeon R9 270X framebuffer issue

    ok, thanks... and input this on AMD7000Controller info right? it's very confusing. I do not know which card belongs... kext loaded
  6. Radeon R9 270X framebuffer issue

    Hi Vlada, I'm from Brazil and apologize for my English. Very good job for their lucky owners of R9 series 270x. It turns out that previously I had a HD6770, running perfectly on my hackintosh. All perfectly fine. When googled and saw several people commenting that the R9 x270 and X280 worked oob. I thought, there is my new VGA. Happily bought and installed. I realized that probably the kext that I had the HD6770 might be holding something, because I did everything. Including this your last installation. In no time the Mavericks failed to start or have a white or black screen. He just goes out the resolution and information as unknown and 3mb. What I need to clean? have any idea what can I do? I've tried with several things chamelon wizard with startup settings. GraphicsEnabler = No and Yes My VGA is a APPHIRE DUAL-X R9 270X 2GB GDDR5 OC WITH BOOST Any idea?
  7. PES2008

    and... ??? run??? i want pes6 or 2008 ... buaaa
  8. Duvidas com Kalyway 10.5.2 e combo update

    e continuei sem ajuda...!!! mas blz podem fechar o topico. comprei uma realtek e n fiz o combo update
  9. Realtek 8139D Encore

    para mim só faltava a internet pq minha mobo DG33BU vem com a famigerada NIC da intel 82566!!! e ainda n tem drivers p ela. Enfim peguei uma velha 8139D la na empresa e foi "out the box" funcionou na hora, n instalei nd Entrei logo aqui e vi nesse post, n sei ql o fabricante dessa minha NIC mas n é realtek original n... a minha versao do OSX é o leo 10.5.2 mas é da kalyway
  10. Realtek RTL 8211

    only here... http://rapidshare.com/files/112917232/Forcedeth.pkg.zip.html im try to 8029(as)
  11. Intel 82566

    NOOOOOOO I need the drivers, plz!!!!
  12. Intel 82566 NIC

    yeah, I have the same network onboard... still wait
  13. Fala galera, Apos uma saga sinistra, consegui fazer meu dual com winxp sp2 e o Leo 10.5.2... mas não consegui exetutar o combo update da kalyway. Simplesmente quando executo o update, na hora de selecionar o HD "tenho dois, um para cada sistema." O setup marca com um X vermelho os hds e não deixa prosseguir com a instalação; Alguem sabe como solucionar? Outra coisa, tenho rede onboard a intel 82566... não consigo usar no OSX86 mas vi algumas pessoas que colocaram um codigo louco lá num IO e conseguiram. Isto está correto? como posso fazer???? :censored2: desculpem a ignorancia, mas pesquisei aqui e ninguem me ajudou.
  14. Instalado

    Fala amigos, tenho a mesma placa mãe com esta rede... 82566dc... alguem conseguiu um instalador?