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  1. 10.6.3 Released !

    Can you send me a link to your alc888 fix? I've tried at least 3 methods with no results. I keep getting something in the system profiler and the audio shows in the menu bar at the top but nothing in system prefs. dp
  2. This one worked great for me! I have a Foxcon FlamingBlade X58 ALC888. Installed this and saw it picked up in system profiler. I was not getting any sound at first tho. I almost gave up on it but then repaired permissions and wala it works. Great job and thnx for posting this jinnggoff! -paz
  3. ALC888 - GA-X58-UD3R Sound

    What did you do to get it to work?? I have an x58 mobo running 10.6.1 and can't get audio going
  4. go to system preferences, accounts, and create an administrator password. Then when you run dell efi make sure you are logged in as the admin and if it promps you for a login/pass use the admin one. Let me know if that works cuz it sounds like the files did not install because of permissions issues. The other thing I would try is running disk utility, repair permissions again and restart and press F8 then type in -f -v and press enter
  5. I do not have touchscreen on my 2100 so I can't tell u if that work or not. You might want to look into it Here. Every other component works great, I mean I was quite surprised how easy it was to get it all working so well. Even the SD memory card reader works great. I'm not sure about the german keyboard either. You might want to look into that on dells site. Mac OSX has a dell language function but the keyboard is a standard english key qwerty.
  6. Here are some instructions on how I got a 2100 fully functioning (minus ethernet card) 1. Install iDeneb 10.5.6 customized with Netbook MSI Wind and Kexthelper check marked. 2. Once laptop has started run Dell EFI and do custom installation. 3. Check mark only Dell Mini 9 Extensions, restore keyboard pref, Custom dsdt.aml file. DO NOT INSTALL BOOTLOADER! Restart after install (note your password is likely blank as you have not set one yet) 4. After the computer starts back up you can now change the resolution or it may have already auto set itself to a higher rez. (external monitors should work now too). 5. Open Terminal and type: 6. sudo -s and then press enter 7. Press enter or type in your password if you have one 8. cd /system/library/extensions/ 9. rm -rf AppleHDA.* 10. cd /system/library 11. rm -rf Extensions.mkext 12. open KextHelper 13. drag VoodooHDA.kext into kexthelper 14. run Easy Install 15. Open Disk Utility 16. Select the hard drive and click Repair Permissions 17. Restart Screenshot
  7. How did you install it on your D520 with no problems? Which items did you select in the custom field? I'm having problems with loading the 950 video graphics and it looks like it didn't pick up my ethernet either...
  8. QE Dual/quad Displays Nvinject.kext for Leo 10.5.3 - 6

    Dude ty! My 7200gt is now running dual 19in monitors. Just to note I had to delete out my extensions.kext file and on restart had to run -f
  9. Dell e520 Boot-132 Retail Install guide

    Hey I get verification failed of image everytime I download it, and when I try to mount it fails also... Is there something you guys are using that I am not? I even tried to burn it using disk utility and it gave me an invalid checksum error... Any thoughts?