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  1. ASA666 Does the progress wheel spin for about 10 sec and then stop? If yes, wait about 2 min and the system will finally boot. There are several others, as well as myself, who are having this problem. mungee.
  2. ummd/doradekell If I understand you correctly, I ran into the same problem after I updated to 10.5.3. I was able to boot back into OSX by typing "update -v" at the boot loader command prompt. I was then able to finish the install as per the rest of ~pcwiz's guide with no problems. spol I was able to get toast to work by enabling Quartz GL using ~pcwiz's OSX86Tools and adding an EFI string with EFIStudio for my specific graphics card(8400gs). I read somewhere that it was most likely a graphics card conflict. I haven't figured out the slow boots yet and need some help. Any thoughts would be appreciated. mungee.
  3. Toast and Dreamweaver QE?

    I fixed my problem by using EFIstudio to add my specific graphics card(8400gs) to OSX and enabled Quartz GL. Thanks for this thread! mungee