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  1. I jailbroke my iPhone 4 a few days ago using GreenPois0n... now when I connect my iPhone, iPhoto opens up and iTunes says it's syncing my iPhone and it goes through all the steps but my iPhone is not displayed on the side bar meaning I can't install new apps or music on it...any help?
  2. I've kind of stopped keeping track of what's going on in the appleworld atm...but as I've just found myself iPhone and iPodless I was wondering whether I should wait before I get my new iPod...what are expected to be released next I want the iPod classic but they're kind of ugly atm and too slow to use so I was wondering if anyone knew of the expected changes to be made to them? and whether they'll still be extremely slow to use (i've found the clickwheel way too frustrating) and all release dates... thanks
  3. The Sims PC

    Sorry, didn't know where to post... I know it's a bid sad but I just found my old Sims 1 disc for PC lying around my house... unfortunatley I haven't got the case anymore so I need the serial code (sounds like a lie, but all true)... does anyone know where I can get a keygen or a serial code that'll work for it? thanks
  4. MSN Messenger issues on Leopard...

    A couple of my friends all using Macs are having no problems with MSN messenger, and now i've found that iChat isn't working with Aim either (i dont know how long this has been for as I barely ever use my aim account or ichat)...someone urgent help is needed
  5. MSN Messenger issues on Leopard...

    I've reinstalled a few times before, I called TalkTalk thinking it was them but they claim that they have no responsibility over that...I even got hung up on for refusing to take that as an answer...i'll update to 10.5.5 and respond to you guys...thanks for the help! updated and still the same problem....
  6. MSN Messenger issues on Leopard...

    but MSN messenger works fine on all the PCs in my house? and it hasn't been working AT ALL for the last 3 weeks on my mac...
  7. I've tried using Adium messenger, Mercury messenger as well as the normal Microsoft Messenger and I always get the same error message telling me my connection is {censored}ed...but it's not - my internets perfectly good...: view error message : http://i34.tinypic.com/29fuhjc.jpg I'm on TalkTalk in the UK receiving I think about 6 megs...i'm on 10.5.2 anyone got any idea what's wrong with the connection? I've tried changing the port to 1458 like suggested by another forum...didn't work... big love to anyone who can offer assistance!
  8. I have an unlocked First Gen iPhone but today my friend knocked it out my hand and onto the floor and now the glass screen is all smashed...it's still working fine just the screen has a gazillion cracks down it...It's still got the warranty but would they normally repair broken screen and will they even notice that it's unlocked??? thank you
  9. AAAAH Help with my iPhone!?

    I'm getting that message when I do the option restore thing??? aaahh, have I bricked it?? thanks
  10. AAAAH Help with my iPhone!?

    Thank you 'numberzz' Basically I did that, but I don't have the firmware? where can I download that from to install? and which one should I restore it back to!? thanks!!
  11. AAAAH Help with my iPhone!?

    ok so i clicked restore, which totally messed uo everything, basically im back at the activation stage on a first gen iPhone which I believe has been updated to 2.0... can I unlock this yet? anyone have any tips on what to do I NEED IT!! thanks so much from an iphone n00b
  12. I used ZiPhone to unlock and jailbreak it...so it was at 1.1.2 then I went onto systems in the installer and downloaded the "official 1.1.2 - 1.1.3 updater" and started using that it has now told me to plug my iPhone into iTunes and iTunes now says that I have to restore my iPod to its factory settings and then iTunes will automatically update it...is this going to brick my iPhone?? it just looked like it was part of the process?? I'm worried.... My iPhone is on 02-UK (I didn't want the iPhone price plan I kept my original contract)...
  13. Pwnage Tool 2.1 Released

    lol no one replied to my first post so I'll post it again please reply! I have an unlocked jailbroken iphone although it's still on 1.1.2 on an 02-UK (not the iphone contract I kept my original cheaper contract)...is it safe to use pwnage with it? thanks
  14. Pwnage Tool 2.1 Released

    I have an unlocked jailbroken iphone still on 1.1.2 on a different 02-UK contract...if I use pwnage will it be alright??
  15. I downloaded SwirlyMMS so that I could send MMSs but everytime I try and send one an error message comes up saying "Failed to POST:timeout or error when reading http header" any ideas? these are the settings i've put in MMSC : http://mmsc.mmsO2.co.uk:8802 Proxy: APN: wap.o2.co.uk Username: o2wap Password: password Image size: Medium... thanks in advance