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  1. F12 is only the eject key if you keep it pressed for a few seconds. If you just press F12 and release it quickly you will get the dashboard. Sorry if I did not make that completely clear.
  2. Parallels Boot Camp Feature?

    VMWare beta 4 seems to be booting XP formatted as NTFS on a separate drive as if it was a bootcamp without any modifications. http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...view=getnewpost
  3. Ctrl + Command+ Eject is the apple keyboard shortcut to shutdown On many non apple keybaords that translates to CTRL + Window Key + F12 held down for a couple of seconds. Add the Alt key to the mix and you get a reboot rather than shutdown. When mucking about with your Hackintosh sometimes it boots, but you can't see the screen, this is the way to shut down or reboot cleanly
  4. You are correct sarahbau. To be very clear: Bootcamp was not installed OS X was installed on a drive all by itself The OS X drive was removed and a new drive was installed onto which XP was installed. Then both drives were put back in with the OS X drive being the boot drive. When VMWare started it had "bootcamp" in the list of virtual machines. That's all there was to it.
  5. Same here; The machine I saw it on had XP on it's own hard drive. It's much easier to use separate drives in my opinion, that way you can use the BIOS to select the startup drive rather than messing around with LILO or another boot manager. Anyway, just let VMWare boot bootcamp and amazingly it worked.
  6. I've just seen VMWare Fusion Beta 4 running on a modest hackintosh using a slow Celeron cpu with 1 Gig of Ram. VMWare booted the native XP installed on it's own partition as if it were a bootcamp on a real Mac. Very impressive. I am amazed at the speed that windows is running as a guest on OS X. XP apps can run in Unity mode where just the app runs in it's own window and the rest of xp is hidden. 3D graphics are slow and there is only support for DirectX 8.1. Some applications sense that the system has changed and want to re-activate. Beyond that no problems.