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  1. Enable sleep on Asus 1005P

    As the title says, is there any way to enable sleep on this netbook? I've tried Sleep Enabler & lid sleep kext, but it doesn't seem to work, the pointer disappears and the hard drive stops, that's all it does. Thanks in advance BTW, here's my config: Mac OS 10.6.3 Kernel: mach_kernel 10.3.0 Bootloader: PC_EFI v10.6
  2. Same here, 10.6.6 kernel please
  3. EeePC 1005P Snow Leopard 10.6.4 Installation Guide

    Touchpad is not working for me It only does if I boot with -v -f flags, any ideas?
  4. Can't get wifi working

    I don't care if you wanted to help me. I've solved it, and my computer is full running mac osx leopard. In the future, think before you give a response, cause there are persons behind the computers, not animals or robots And the first usb stick (which I'm using) is Hawking HWUG1A Wireles Ralink, Product id: 0x148F, Vendor id: 0x2573 If it's useful for someone. Thank you, well... not.
  5. Can't get wifi working

    Uhmmm... what have i done to you? I asked a question, and if you wanna "help me", there's other ways to do it... i mean, i'm not trying to be smart, i'm asking for something i have no f*cking idea, and i think i asked the better way i can, and first of all RESPECT I know things you ignore, and you know others that i do. That's the reason for the forums were created. Anyway, leave your rage at home, and don't treat me like a {censored} or a parasite.
  6. Can't get wifi working

    Yo guys, need your help I get working everything on mi PC, but i still can't get wifi working. I have 2 different usb wifi sticks, and i've tried alot to get one of them working, but i cant. This is one of them, http://www.itspain.com/es/index.php?id=60 This is the other one, http://www.senao.com.tw/english/product/charset=big5 Any idea? Thanks PD: i have installed leo4all mac osx leopard, version 10.5.2
  7. Drivers USB wifi Senao

    Hi all, i have installed mac osx leopard successfully, and everything works properly... but i can't make work wifi. My device is an usb(*) , i have installed some drivers, but it doesn't work. What can i do? Thanks a lot (*)