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  1. I tried this guide on my Hp Dv7 1130el but it wouldn't boot due to the USB problem....as i was installing on an external hard drive. However I got a working install which boots in 30 secs by choosing apple smbios 667 , voodoo ps2 only and not the trackpad prefpane, usb fix, no audio, chipset ICH10 and not the AHCI SATA/IDE. I did not install the chameleon bootloader again or edit the boot.plist.com but booted directly with -v and without the ethernet plugged in. I set up the registration and then installed the IDT audio package from iDeneb 10.5.6 which got all my audio speakers and mic recognized perfectly. Rebooted again without the -v flag and hey presto!! My webcam still won't work even though it lights up. Sd card reader not working either but will try the voodoo fix on this. I have bought the 94312MCG broadcom pci wireless card which should arrive tomorrow, so i shall be trying that out instead of ethernet. Many thanks for your guide.
  2. Many thanks for your quick reply to my dilemma, I am using an iAtkos 10.5.6 based install which i don't think is all vanilla...in fact looking closely at the IOPCIFamily kext I notice it has 'slice' in it (ver.2.5.4) which i feel is patched. I am uploadfing a foto of the kernel panic which is pretty clear that it is IOPCI and IONetworking (ver.1.6.1) which are the base problem. Where can i find the kexts which you seem to be using with no problems? ie. which version etc-? And would different kexts change anything else on the boot ? Although I did do a backup hd of my install to test drivers. Ciao SNC00017.jpg.zip
  3. Which Wireless PCI Adapter Works

    Unsuccess story....my Belkin PCI wireless N300 express card doesn't work, it uses the Ralink RT2860 drivers and was supposed to be a sure hit for iAtkos 10.5.6. However no go ...it just gives a huge kernel panic. I'm still trying to figure it out as on another laptop with Leo4all 3 on it works perfectly!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!! I did (And still am until I can get the belkin to wake up) use the Sitecom N300 USB adapter which goes with the Ralink RT2870 drivers ......now that really moves with amazing speed.
  4. Hello.... I have the same F5D8073 wireless card but cannot get it to work, it creates a kernel panic when booting with it inside and if i put it in after login it does not show up. i have the right drivers ie:RT2860 ( could this be a IOPCIFamily problem?)...how did you manage ? I have an HP Pavilion DV7.1130el and a Mac OSx 10.5.6 iAtkos based install with almost everything working except webcam, wireless, and TV tuner which I haven't really tried yet. Can you please give me a hand here? By the way i use a usb wireless and you can try stopping the util window popping up in accounts> login..... CIAO----
  5. HP DV6000 F.29 BIOS whitelist patched

    Hi! LRZAGE.....I'm having trouble finding the tools to patch my bios , HP Pavilion Dv7-1130el, with bios n° F26. Can you give me any links to get the proper programs for doing this. Unfortunately it is not a Phoenix bios but an Insyde one .....this seems to be extremely hard to do anything with. So, if you know of anything to help me it would be great! Ciao,
  6. This is 100% ok for mac osx wireless networking, it has the Atheros 5008 chipset which is what the latest Macbooks pack on their airport wireless board, in fact it will probably be recognized as an Airport and might not even need any drivers installing as they are already in Mac OSX latest updates....10.5.5/10.5.6. Do check if your computer/ laptop can have the wireless card changed without having to flash the bios otherwise this could be a nightmare on Hp and compaq........ Ciao!!
  7. Hi sorry about the previous reply for some reason my writing didn't appear. I had the same problem with an Hp pavilion Dv7-1130el and managed to resolve the issue, I wanted to install on an ext.HD. So here is what i did; Download from the usual source 'Leopard Osx86 pendrive edition' 2.8.GB approx 2hrs 30 mins. Beg a friend to let you use his mac or mac 86 for 40 minutes(time it takes to do all the instructions from the torrent) follow the steps to create a pendrive install but don't use a pendrive but ext HD like WD160gb. After restoring the DMG image and installing the Chameleon bootloader onto this disk unmount it and return to your pc/ laptop. Make sure to have set up the boot sequence for USB external device before the internal HD. Plug in the disk you have just created and push the on button, wait till it gives you the press F8 prompt and hit F8, type in -v to boot in verbose mode to check for errors, remember that this uses a mac keyboard so the - is the' button on the keyboard you use if it isn't a mac one. It should boot quickly...mine boots in 40 seconds flat!! If all goes well you can then get all the drivers from the install dvd you burnt for your pc components, do the Show file shell from the disk in 'Look here' folder so you can see the file system on the dvd. Ciao and hope this helps. By the way this system has been tested on an Intel machine but it can be tried on an AMD ....or so it says mine is an Intel.
  8. HP TX1000Z Tablet Compatibility with Leopard

    I'm wondering if this IOkit waiting for quiesce business could be that I boot with my wireless switch off....?? As i don't use it obviously...but maybe Leopard wants it on?.....Hmmm will look deeper into this on various boots
  9. HP TX1000Z Tablet Compatibility with Leopard

    I have a TX1140ea tablet pc and have installed Leo4all V3 ....unfortunately the V2 did not want to install in no way whatsoever! So.. I have ethernet working with the Forcedeth V pkg, sound with azalia, correct screen res with the Nvidia kexts from the TX1000 zip file (tried removing the IONDrive kext but had to put it back after no booting at all after) also installed the PS2Controller kext after having big trouble booting , it only booted if Synaptics Touchpad V.6.3 came up during verbose mode. Wifi still no go but i use the Sitecom 3ooN dongle with some drivers I found on their site (railink 2870 usb from some other dongle) it really goes fast so I'll stick with it for the time being I still have several problems on booting as the 'IOKit waiting for quiesce' sometimes freezes , looking around it's something to do with the network card so maybe i have to disable it from the bios...will be trying this later, meanwhile if anyone has any ideas about this small matter i would be grateful. All in all mac os x goes really fast and smoothly so I'm trying things out on tiptoe so as not to have to install again! I have never used mac in my life before so it's enjoyable to try this out . Skype functions with usb phone though no audio through on board headphones, MP4 play fine, as does iTunes with my iPod Touch (which is what set me on to Mac), multi media reader works with anything put in it , express card.....haven't tried this yet but i will soon. TX1140EA Turion x2 AMD Realtek audio Broadcom 4321 wifi Nforce nic Nvidia Geforce 6150 Go 64MB shared memory
  10. Universal GeForce Driver package

    Hi....I have a Geforce Go 6150 . Will this be okay to try ? By what you have written it seems to fit in the 5xxx to 7xxx board??
  11. HP TX1000Z Tablet Compatibility with Leopard

    I'm posting again as my first answer did not come up...Thanks for the reply , I did try Leo4all 2 before 3 but I kept getting yellow lines at install and boot which I presume were a type of warning that all was not well,even though it did install....my boot always stuck. I'm installing on an external sata WD HD of 160GB which seems pretty fast and it's my first time on Mac os x (I'm a windows expert who got curious ), I seem to be understanding comand lines etc. so far but the road is long and winding . I am slowly reading through all of these posts to learn all I can. Will try the 2 version again and let you know how it goes.
  12. HP TX1000Z Tablet Compatibility with Leopard

    Ok thanks I will try that as soon as a friend gives me back the Leo4all 2 dvd , although if i remember on trying that I got the yellow line in booting......Just added the appleps2trackpad. kext to extensions but it still seems to be doing the same on boot! I really can't understand why it's not loading the synaptics 6.3 drivers every time. I guess I should reinstall them somewhere I havent ...any ideas ?