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  1. [GUIDE] Snow Leopard on Asus G51J/Jx

    First, as much as I appreciate your updates, I must ask that you use the edit feature of this forum; this keeps things much more organized. Second, is that a typo or is that actually 207? I can't seem to find the 207 BIOS anywhere, only version 206.
  2. [GUIDE] Snow Leopard on Asus G51J/Jx

    A VERY dirty hack to get OS X to boot normally: Boot into single user mode as normal with -s Mount the file system by running: mount -uw / Move the old file system checks to a safe place by running: mv /sbin/fsck /sbin/fsck.old; mv /sbin/fsck_hfs /sbin/fsck_hfs.old Make a drop-through fake check by running: pico /sbin/fsck While under pico type this: #!/bin/bash exit 0 Once you have done that press Ctrl+X, hit Y, then hit Enter Copy the false check for fsck_hfs by running: cp /sbin/fsck /sbin/fsck_hfs Finally, reboot by running: reboot So, here is the order of commands: mount -uw / mv /sbin/fsck /sbin/fsck.old mv /sbin/fsck_hfs /sbin/fsck_hfs.old pico /sbin/fsck cp /sbin/fsck /sbin/fsck_hfs reboot It should be noted that this is a dirty and possibly dangerous hack; however, it works until I can find the root of the problem and fix whatever code is preventing the hard drive from properly being checked. I'll likely continue working on this platform until it is completely functional, this laptop is my baby and OS X will always be my OS of choice.
  3. Actually... data does in fact remain after deletion. Which is why file recovery programs exist and are generally quite effective. When a file is deleted, essentially only the pointer to this file on the file system is deleted, not the data. The file system frees up the area of the pointer for later use, however it is generally much quicker to skip the section for this data and write a file in a free/longer segment to prevent fragmentation. Secure deletion utilities available essentially write over the exact areas in which the file is stored with random data, or in some case zeros (though this is less secure.)
  4. Sounds Cards

    Does microphone input work with this card?
  5. This board is a memory lover!

    Well at least decent cards. Not to mention, if I were going for multi-GPU action, I'd get a few 4870 XTs instead of some low end NVIDIA card that would be compatible.
  6. This board is a memory lover!

    Where the hell are they getting the "6 cards" thing? I only see 4 slots. The rest are obviously PCIe 1x slots... which last time I checked couldn't support modern cards.
  7. Public beta for Slimtool by PCWiz

    If you could make it so that if x86_64 is available that it strips everything but x86_64 for that application and if not it just strips everything but x86, I'd be a happy camper 64-bit is awesome
  8. This board is a memory lover!

    I'm happy with my 8 GB of DDR2
  9. Radeon 48xx cards coming soon!

    I wonder if the drivers for the 4870 HD would still work for the 4870 HD X2 even if it only used one of the cores... That would make me intensely happy.
  10. Some Intel News

    Although, if one looks at it, MacPros are servers. They have been using a server-based architecture and one does generally see them in use for video encoding, rendering, and other thread-intensive multimedia applications. I can personally wait for the post-Nehalem architecture if it means better performance in games. It will give me more time to save up some spare cash for both a real MacPro and a custom-built kick ass gaming machine.
  11. Is leopard a real 64bit OS?

    By looking at a lot of the system processes and the types of binaries they contain as a fat file tells me that the majority of Leopard is not 64-bit. One of the upsides of Snow Leopard is that the majority of the system processes, core services, and default applications are truly compiled as 64-bit. It certainly makes me happy to know that more processes will be able to use my 8 GB of 1066MHz DDR2 RAM (had to get them, the deal on NewEgg was just too awesome.) Kind of makes me wish that there was a site with a compiled list of 64-bit OS X applications. This really made me sad when I read it: http://www.appleinsider.com/articles/08/04..._till_v5_0.html
  12. Well I absolutely adore WebKit and its epic betaness. I saw the security flaws quite active on Windows... but on Macs... I'd hardly drop Apple's mostly fine piece of work in the trash.
  13. Kernel Panic After Shutdown?

    Oh and I also have 8 GB of G.Skill 1066 DDR2.
  14. Apple sued for indentured servitude

    Sucks for the technical staffers. When I visited Apple, the developers seemed rather happy... The cafeteria in 1 Infinite Loop was definitely amazing, got to spend some time with the OS X Low Level Integration manager, the food was great! By the way, if anyone does ever get into the main Apple building, do try to get into the cafeteria! Their smoothies are amazing!
  15. Devices on Mac OS X

    For security purposes I'm guessing (no data can be transferred through external devices such as USB media drives.) At least that is what I was trying to attempt at when I was trying to disable media devices. I never did find a permanent solution, after the release of Leopard, my code no longer functioned.