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  1. 112.bkt

    Strange panic stop

    Looks like a LAN problem from the device ID yours is Intel try removing the kext for this. 82567V-2 Gigabit Network Connection, could also be the HDA Audio as its not being loaded.
  2. 112.bkt

    Snow Leopard.

    You can update and it should not break your install providing you have a Vanilla Kernel (Stock). Only a few Kexts break this install the ones I know of are SleepEnabler.Kext and VooDooHDA.kext there are a few others but you will need to find out apart from these you are good to go and all your working peripherals should still work
  3. 21 June 2011... Wondering if anyone has successfully installed Snow Leopard 10.6 with this laptop Extensa 5620z and if you got Quartz Extreme working on the X3100 ID: 2A02 graphics chipset. I have managed to get everything working except that but its not a huge problem as everything still works just video is slightly choppy at times (ONLY IN VERY FEW INSTANCES & OS IS FINE) here is my setup; iAtkos S3 V2 (Installed from USB as this is fastest method possible requires working OSX installation) Bootloader - Chameleon RC5, 32 Bit Boot, Graphics Enabler Patches - default and add Sleep Enabler Drivers Sound - VooDooHDA only Power Management - VooDooPState (for Overheating Probs) Laptop - Battery & ACPI Thermal Keyboard Mouse & Trackpad - VooDooPS2 only WLAN - Broadcom Driver Would appreciate any comments or suggestions.